Yes indeed, tzniut for the people. You’ll note the green Hamas flags waving in the background, and the clearly enthusiastic and (I think, but can’t really tell if they’re smiling) cheerful female supporters. And not a bare elbow anywhere to be found.

(Photo is from Reuters through Ha’aretz)

Oy, I just noticed the juxtaposition of this image with the one below of the rabbis burning the chametz. Hmmmm…scary.

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  • Scary? Why scary? Burning of Chametz is a nice peaceful act representing the quest for both spiritual and physical cleanliness. it doesn’t involve wishing death upon anyone. How is the juxtaposition of the images even remotely relevant or related? I mean unless one assumes all deeply religious people are nutters regardlesss of their religion, I just don’t see the connection. Please explain?

    Oh wait – this is a statement about tznius? Hmmm… maybe the women in this photo did not want to be viewed as sex objects? Perhaps they hope that by covering themselves up men will be able to discern the content of their minds instead of the smoothnesss of their skin (with deep apologies to Martin Luther King Jr.)? The juxtaposition still fails though – even the most machmir Haredi does not insist his that his women go out in anything remotely resembling a hijab – and I know cuz those dudes are my neighbours.

  • Uh, sure. I was thinking of the poor folks at Saks and Neiman Marcus who could really assist with the wardrobes.

    With regards to being objectified, I recommend focusing on the naked fingers.

  • actually, at the seder i went to, when we sang “Echad Mi Yodea” it was about as schunati as a Hamas rally. It was really obnoxious, too, because I love that song and it was ruined by the little junior arsim and frechot. Also, they were pointing their finger during the “echad eloheinu” part but they were spinning their fingers around in circles in the air. Anyone know what that’s about?

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