First, they blast Italian marchers who stomp on the Israeli flag.

In a news article about the march, the L’Osservatore Romano newspaper called the anti-Israel protests a “serious and disgusting offense.”

“To offend a flag means to offend the people for whom it is a symbol, and therefore in this case it was an offense to the entire Jewish people, precisely on the day in which we celebrate liberation from their infamous oppressors,” L’Osservatore wrote.

and the irony here?

The protesters reportedly were angered by the presence in the march of Israeli flags in honor of members of the Jewish Infantry Brigade Group, which helped liberate Italy.

Then, yesterday, an important representative of the Vatican in Israel – the custodian of all their property in Israel – spoke publicly about the unfortunate actions of a Pope during the Holocaust.

Father Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Custos of the Holy Land…Speaking in Hebrew at a conference at Tel Aviv University on the actions of the Church during the Holocaust…criticized “church leaders, including those of the highest level, who did not adopt a courageous stand in the evangelical spirit in the face of the Nazi regime.”

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  • Fr. Pizzaballa’s comments are worth reading at length– thanks for the link, Middle. Rosen is probably right that it doesn’t signal some sort of repudiation of Pius XII. But you can bet BXVI will put him on the sloooooow track for the duration of his papacy.

    You use the term ‘overture,’ but this is really consistent with policies crafted under Vatican II and JPII– which bore Msgr./Cardinal Ratzinger’s stamp.

    I understand that the pope will visit Auschwitz next month.

  • I thought overture was correct because I assumed Pizzaballa – now that is a name! – was doing this under orders from the top. If so, then it seems like this would be a gesture on the part of the Vatican, since it came on Holocaust Rememberance Day. Don’t forget the Vatican and Israel are still embroiled in years-long negotiations about Church-owned lands within Israel.

  • I never mentioned this for I thought it would never happen. I have this phamplet written in 1988. Talking about Daniel’s dreams. Revelation. The whole artilcle blows my mind. For all the things he says is happening. It talks of the Halocaust yet to come to Israel to befall the jewish people in the land of Palestine. It says when the Pope moves to Jeruseleum. It will be evident we have entered the end of things to come. There is so much here. It is only 9pgs long. But phrophesy glalour. Trade wars, wars with the M.E., what Jesus says, 10 horns ten nations! Maybe a combined nation called United States of Europe. All this from reading your article the vantican in Israel. Shalom Peg

  • The Wehrmacht never made it to Jerusalem, but the former anti-aircraft gunner will.

  • N#4 Was you referring to me? For I have never seen Meth nor crack and I am dead against it. I have had alot of bad misfortunes but Jesus has proved to be my best friend on this God forsaken planet! I gave you the address of where people can obtain a copy but that post is gone. Alois has it. Oh well, it does not change my mind on God nor Israel. Nor Son of God King of Israel. Shechinah! Shalom

  • Middle’s post is a little incomplete. The flag-burners were pro-Palestinian Italian leftists, not vestigial Fascist types. M’s post could be read to imply that ordinary (non-far-left-kook) Italians were outraged by a Jewish presence at the Liberation event.

  • What’s the difference – with respect to Israel, and sometimes Jews – between the pro-Palestinian leftists and the Fascist types? Then again, I assumed somebody who cared would read the linked article which suggests it was kooky leftists.

  • I assumed that the protests may’ve been the work of the reactionary right in northern Italy. I believe that’s the only part of the country that still harbors folks nostalgic for Il Duce. When I read your post, I imagined that they were responsible . . . But I heartily agree, the crazy lefties and the old-style Fascists are hard to distinguish in their methods and, often, their beliefs.

  • When I think of northern Italy, I think of food.

    Actually, the same happens when I think of southern Italy.

    In fact, the only part of Italy that doesn’t immediate conjure up images of delicious food is Rome. That place makes me think of the Pope.

  • Hmmm, now that I think about it, Italy used to also remind me of this, but these days is more likely to make me think of this. Then again, just to show I’ve aged, I will admit to also sometimes thinking about this and this and this. And of course, this and this.

    I love Italy.

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