Over at Kabobfest, a predominantly pro-Palestinian blog, Nadeem showed that hip irreverence is not the exclusive domain of Lower East side hipsters. His post commemorating Israel Memorial Day – Yom Hazikaron – contained a 10 second sound clip of the siren thaat commemorates th day. Except it wasn’t a siren, it was fart noises. Ha ha. Well, here’s the response I left on the site, reproduced here for your edification:

Heh… very funny. Except we have a state and you guys have, well, dick all. Our people died but as a result we have a vibrant, functional, albeit not perfect land. But we have a land. Your people died, many at their own hands, and all you have to show for it is a government made up of one part kleptocrats, one part international pariahs. As you foolishly continue your glorious struggle, one sshahid at a time, you perpetuate your people’s misery and poverty and condemn yourselves to continued status as a third rate nation of whiny little bitches whose biggest growth industry is yet more groups of armed thugs. Happy Yom Ha Zikaron. Today I mourn both our fallen people and the Palestinian people whose lives could be so much better and more fulfilling if only their leaders weren’t such complete dolts.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Stooping to name-calling always feels so good. Too bad you always come off sounding childish.

  • Hey Jude, did you condemn the “childishness” of the anti-Israel sound clip post at Kabobfest, too?

    I thought not.

    Spot on reply, Madame Jewlicious. Keep up the good work.

  • i know it’s hard but don’t argue with moonbats, it’s not good for the blood pressure.

  • I like the sight gag at the top of the page that involves roasting severed heads on a kabob. It would be funnier still if you put pictures of the *actual heads* severed by Arab Muslims on the kabob instead. How funny would that be? I think there are some pix of Dave Berg’s and Daniel Pearl’s heads floating around both the Islamic and Neo-Nazi “blogospheres” FYI.

  • Shy Guy: No, dumbass, I condemned it by not VIEWING it in the first place, since I generally avoid such assholishness. I do, however, have regular debates with rational and intelligent Palestinians over at ramallahonline.com. Sure, they bash a bit, but they are also open to thoughtful discussion. You act as if you can simply dismiss my opinion because I don’t bother to argue with people who are already bigoted. Thanks but I’ll spend my energy where I think I can make a difference by helping others understand our viewpoint and MAYBE EVEN understanding theirs too.

    Lots of twisted shit happens in the name of religion. Try not to contribute to it, mkay?

    Thanks, bye now.

  • “They bash a bit.”

    A bit is not the right word. Bash is all they do and they do it with the kind of pre-programmed monotonous propagandaistic aplomb that makes one want to yawn while they get through the rebellious years.

  • hi,

    i aint no arab or palestinian.

    but what exactly do jewish folks want the palestinians to do so there will be peace over there?

    pls dont say stop violence, i mean thats got to come from both sides. (lets not get into who did what where or killed who and so on, thats not gonna help at all)

    What exactly do you want palestinians to do so you two sides can live in peace?


  • Sorry, Gurion, but if the Palestinians would stop trying to blow up Israelis, shoot Israelis or fly missiles at Israelis, I would put money that the violence on both sides would stop.

    So yeah, stop the violence. Stop targeting civilians, in particular. Approach the negotiating table with a sincere desire to achieve compromise and peace, and stop trying to eliminate Israel or Israel as the state of the Jews.

    It’s so simple, it’s stupefying.

  • ShyGuy: See how effective name-calling is? I called you a name once and you probably didn’t even read the rest of my post. You just dismissed me out of hand, and hence reinforced my point. Name-calling is silly.


    I’ll concede that bashing Israel seems to be their main goal in life (at many palestinian blogs). They ARE pre-programmed, how could that be avoided? Perhaps that was my point. Many of the people over at ramallahonline and elsewhere are (aside from their anti-Israeli ire) quite like the folks over here. I know some of them personally. We get along by respecting eachother’s opinions. It’s easy to hide in the anonymity of the IntarWeb and say/type nasty things about a group of people. I can tell you for certain that none of the Palestinians I know support suicide-bombers. Some condemn them, some empathize but disagree.

    When the Intefada began I was at a college with a fairly large population of people my age from Ramallah. Sure, I called them camel-jockey, rock-throwing, no-country-having crazies, but in person, where I’d have to life with the consequences. They called me things I won’t repeat here in this forum. We even got physical about it occasionally, though that was generally saved for the rugby pitch. But when we were done telling one another how we felt, we went and had a beer together and agreed that we wished WE were the leaders because we were sure we could work it out. Perhaps that was because we were less radical than many of our cohorts, but I prefer to think it was just because we got a chance to see that the other side is made up of people just like us.

    Were we being naive? Sure, a bit. But escalation is not the answer, and giving in to name-calling and jibes will seldom sway someone’s opinion. How can we keep these kids from BEING programmed to hate us? How can we de-program ourselves to not respond with such vitriol? Why should we let them get under our skin when that is their goal? I prefer to attempt some level of comprehension and even reconcilliation. At the same time I am willing to die or even kill for Israel if it comes to that.

  • Jude, we’re not in disagreement here, but I think what ck did was in line with what you’re describing. They poked fun at Israeli soldiers who have been killed so that Israel would come into creation and survive. They poked fun on a day dedicated to their memory. As a response, he merely reminded them that, well, these soldiers died so that the state could exist.

    Besides, are you saying their leadership isn’t composed of kleptocrats?

  • hi,

    I reckon they are fighting cos they are an occupied people, while you folks fight to preserve your way of life and the land you got.

    ok, so lets say palestinian guys stop their fight.
    there must be something for these folks to lay down their arms.

    whats on the table for them hon?

  • What’s on the table for them? Peace and a state. Reparations and the ability to be true members of the international community. A chance to build their lives, their economy and raise their children without war and hate all around. Isn’t that enough, hon?

  • can u kinda be more detailed,

    the stuff you stated are lofty ideas that any group of people aspire to.

    wat do you mean by state? ( which parts will be palestine?)

    wat u want to reparate?

    can u be more detailed sweety

  • Gurion, you bore me. Check out Camp David and check out the discussions at Taba.

    100% of Gaza
    90% (CD) – 97.5% (Taba) of West Bank
    $10-$30 billion in reparations
    Land swap for land Israel keeps (Taba, Clinton initiative)
    Control over east Jerusalem (autonomous at CD; sovereignty at Taba)
    Sovereignty over Temple Mount/Haram al Sharif (shared at CD, shared at Taba with even greater control to Palestinians)
    International port and airport (CD and Taba)

    Really, just read what was on the table and then go cry because instead of negotiating, the Palestinians refused to negotiate and started a war. In fact, they used to say they would lay down their arms and struggle if they could get a state. Then they were offered a state and instead of negotiating claimed what was offered was insufficient. Then they started a war and began to complain about occupation when the Israeli soldiers returned to areas they had already vacated. Why did they move back in? How else could they defend against this army that targets civilians?

    Seems to me there’s a lot “on the table” to encourage a people who wanted peace to make peace.

  • nope, i dont young lady,

    but i am pretty sure you asked yourself why folks kill themselves as suicide bombers and all the other tragedies going on there.

    so think about it hon

  • Regardless of your fantasies, I fear I am a man, Gurion.

    As for suicide bombers, try to justify them all you want but we have them in Iraq, in Sri Lanka, New York, Madrid, London as well as discos with Westerners in resorts far away from the Middle East. Unfortunately, since these are different places and different environments, the common link has little to do with Israel or the conflict with the Arabs there.

    Care to offer a reason? Perhaps you can tell us the common link.

    Thanks, babe.

  • Gurion: Hey sweet cheeks. I try to think about it but thinking makes my head hurt. All I know is that suicide bombers are bad. Very bad. And they smell bad too. I hope there’s deodorant in heaven otherwise how will those 72 virgins deal with it?

  • 1) 70% of the population of Jordan is Palestinian. It is next door to Israel.
    2) The notion you have to live in the same place as your grandfather to have a good life is not true. I do not know a single person who lives where their grandfather lived, and not one of them feels bad about that.

  • Nobody likes moving one inch. But is it worth one life not to have to move fifty miles? I would growl and spit on the ground but I would move. I would not want one person to die so I would not have to move fifty miles.

  • Jerusalem is the third holiest place in Islam. They would still have Mecca and Medina if they gave up Jerusalem. Jerusalem is the only holy place in Judaism. If the Jews give up Jerusalem, they would have nothing. So, what do you think is fair? Why can’t they share? Perhaps the purpose of the Night Journey was to bring light to the darkness. Perhaps G-d wants them to move physically closer to Mecca.

    You realize of course that all the Muslims physically located between Jerusalema and Mecca have to pray in the direction of Mecca, thereby turning their backs on Jerusalem. So they do.

  • If the Muslims were gracious to their Jewish cousins in this matter it would be a tremendous religious inspiration for mankind. It would be the noblest act ever, in all history. And they would still have vast, vast land areas of their own, and their oil reserves. There is no oil under Israel. Yes, Israel has coastline. But so do the Islamic countries of the entire southern Mediterranean, and the Arabian peninsula. The Muslims would still have plenty of coastline.

  • Is there some small way to maybe, possibly, write one long post instead of fifteen short ones in a row? It would make us all so happy.

  • Oh Michael, nobody reads long posts. And I anyway, I always think of something else I forgot to say.

  • Anyway, you are happy. You are young, smart and almost dry from the recent storm. Still a little damp perhaps but the sun is on your face.

  • sorry man, thought you were a lady, my mistake, sorry

    but er, what does suicide bombings in other places got to do with the islareali-palestinian situation?
    can you explain on that?

    or even, WHY DO THESE PEOPLE BLOWING THEMSELVES UP? – any reason besides the oft quoted 72 virgins stuff?

    hey dickhead ck, whats with the racism and stereotyping,

    if arabs are smelly? do the rest smell sweet?
    what kinda crap is that

    oh yeah, you are incapable of thought processes, it hurts doesnt it, I shoulda known, my bad, chump

  • I have no idea why these people blow themselves up. They don’t think like I do. You see, if I was going to blow myself up to make a statement (which is almost certain I would not do), I WOULD TARGET SOLDIERS NOT CIVILIANS. So I have no idea why they blow themselves up. Why do you think they do it? And when you answer, take into account that people are blowing themselves in Iraq, Madrid, London, etc.

    As for the smell, what’s with the accusation of racism and stereotyping? You mean that it’s not okay to call murderous suicide bombers names? Maybe he was referring to the putrid smell of their burnt flesh. The smell of death.

  • Gurion: The common denominator betwween suicide bombers here (in Israel) and abroad seems to be the inordinate representation of Islamic radicals in their midst. As for why they blow themselves up, I guess the act of doing so represents, to their minds, a repudiation of Western secular values and ideals that put a premium on life and earthly pleasures whilst de-emphasizing the spiritual realm. The holy shahid does not fear meeting his or her maker, the shahid is in fact looking forward to it.

    As for my alleged racism and stereotyping, you’re reading more into my sarcastic and facetious retort than was intended. I have no problem admitting that I often smell bad too (I’m sure several people who know me personally will be only too pleased to confirm that). Suicide bombers and their supporters/enablers may or may not actually smell, but their murderous self-righteousness certainly stinks.

  • ck: ok but wats with the word ‘alleged’ there mate?

    just a thot: is it ok to negatively label people and say, hey its cool, since it was sarcastic and facetious?

    themiddle: I kinda got another reading on the whole blow yourself up gameplan of the palestinians

    might it be becos they are so broken in mind/spirit/heart/etc by the occupation that they not know any other way to resist an occupation that is essentially dehumanising a whole groups of people?

    just a thot mate

  • GLD, does Hamas look like they are broken in spirit? Do the Palestinians in general look like they’re broken in spirit?

    If your thesis is correct, they would compromise by now, don’t you think? I mean, in 2000, they were offered a state with all of Gaza and 90% of the West Bank in the first round and 97.5% in the second round at Taba. Do a people broken in spirit reject such offers? Do a dehumanised people get such offers?

    You still haven’t addressed my simple point which is that if you are right, then wherever else we have suicide bombings in the world, the reasons are the same. Right? So the Sri Lankans are broken in spirit, are occupied and dehumanised. So must be the Iraqis. So must be all those Al Qaeda folks who blow up subways in Madrid and London (not a single Palestinian in either attack although there were a bunch of Moroccans).

    Do you see why your thesis holds no water? It’s not that I fail to understand your deep need to explain away these inhuman acts, or that I fail to understand your desire to blame the Israelis and by making the Israelis “understand” that somehow you hope they’ll change their approach and the bombings will end. I understand what you’re getting at. It’s just that you are wrong. There is no valid reason or justification for these attacks, and the only “compromise” that will mollify those responsible is the “compromise” Israel cannot give, namely the right of Israelis to self determination in their current and historic homeland.

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