I’ve just scrolled down the Jewlicious home page from top to bottom, giving quick overviews to topics and subjects discussed. Then I went to the next page of posts as well.

Good stuff.

I know we’ve agreed with Michael that we’re little pishers. But it’s still gratifying to see all of this content out on the pages.

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  • Rabbi: I got your comment on my blog – thanks for posting. After you return from Israel – I’m SOOOOOOO jealous btw, wish I were there too instead of mired in homework with finals right around the corner – please post to my blog details of David Weiss’s lack of earning the title of Rabbi…

    Thanks, the Concerned UCI Student

  • Indeed, ontheroad! I looked at the pages and liked what I saw. Imagine that. Considering that we’re a bunch of people who write independently of each other, do it for free and with no or very little benefit from doing so whatsoever and have never had a theme or strategy session where we’ve discussed content or rules of any sort, I’m proud of what’s on here.

  • Speaking of pishers and gratifying…yikes…only kidding! Love the site and you should be proud …self-congratulations are always in order. Keep of the good work!