Christian EditionDevelop a Christian edition, what else? Be sure to click on the “Browse Demo” button if you’re on a high speed connection.

It’s actually a pretty good idea and will resonate with a large population, I’m sure.

Can Jewlicious – Christian edition be far behind?

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  • What’s that on the cover, an action shot of Mass?… Three cheers for a Jewlicious Christian Edition! We Christians should get to beat the crap out of each other on-line the way yur guys do. I’d apply all the lessons I’ve learned here. Think Conservative v. Orthodox gets contentious? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

    Just spoke to Jesus, Michael, and He’s decided against killing you.

  • I’ll take Jpost over Haaretz any day of the week. Sheesh, give me Ynet too. I love all my Jewish peeps, even the naive liberal ones.

  • Muslim edition is not forthcoming since there is a BOYCOTT in the Arab world against Israel and American Muslims tend to side against Israel pretty aggressively. Thus, advertising dollars would not be forthcoming.

  • Middle,
    I wonder if perhaps you were struck as I was by N’s comment about a JPost Muslim edition, given your serious response to what was evidently a sarcastic aside. To wit, is there not something revealing about the sheer goes-without-saying, take-it-for-granted incomprehensibility of such an animal? In light of the fact that Muslim Arabs constitute something on the order of one fifth of Israel’s citizenry, that is one goddamned sad state of affairs.

  • I don’t see it that way. The Jpost probably doesn’t even have 1 million potential readers in Israel since it’s an English language paper. The Israeli Arab population is not an English speaking group and is well served with numerous news outlets. It is clear the JPost is targeting American Christians with this edition. It’s a business decision and it makes sense in light of the fact that the paper is published in English already.

    I answered seriously not because I was surprised by the comment – I had actually thought about adding a joke about Jewlicious – Islam edition last night when I posted this, but went through a similar thought process to what I write above.

  • Tom – I am pleased to hear that your Lord and Savior has elected to postpone my slaughter and descent into Hell for a little bit longer. Maybe you could put in a good word for me? I know I’m an unvirtuous heathen and all, but I’m kind of funny, and Christ’s Resurrected Kingdom will be kind of boring with all the Jewish comedians in the lake of sulphur, don’t you think?

    And of course, I am pleased to learn that the Resurrection and the Light also is not a fan of post-Police Sting. What Would Jesus Listen To?

  • Michael, if I’m to put in a good word for you– I’d have to acquire some cred in the form of clean living. Not sure I can make that ultimate sacrifice.

    If there is a God, He ain’t listening to Sting. More likely to hear him in Hell.

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