You can bet they’re not cheering for Iran:

Go Mexico!

Israel-flag wielding fans cheering for Mexico in their World Cup Soccer game against the hated Iranian Team. So far the score is 1 all. On the one hand I want to see the Iranians get trounced. On the other hand if the Iranians win then stupid Iranian President Ahmadinejad will come to Germany and face humiliation as he is greeted by tens of thousands of people protesting against his holocaust denying ass.

UPDATE: Mexico just scored two goals in less than three minutes turning what was up until now a relatively lacklustre game into an awesome blow-out. Too bad the Iranians didn’t have like uranium powered soccer cleats!

Come on, sing it with me…
“There were 10 Persian bombers in the air.
10 Persian bombers, 10 Persian bombers,
there were 10 Persian bombers in the air…”

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I actually met two Mexican fans here in Berlin before they headed to watch this match. One of the guys had an Israeli mother and his parents met, and were married in Israel!

    I should add though monsieur CK that the Iranian national team asked Ahmedinejad NOT to come to Germany so that everyone could just try to focus on SOCCER and the wonder that is the World Cup Fever. I know soccer is politics the world over, but the odds that these players are in the Ahmedinejad crazy camp is slim to none.

    Plus, the Mexico-Iran game has been by FAR the most exciting of this young cup.

  • Aw come on Elon, let me have my fun! I have nothing against the players, or even the country. Just the nutters currently running it. Besides, I so don’t give a shit about soccer – at least this political issue allowed me to join in the excitement. And the game was only exciting in the last 20 minutes.

    “There were no Persian bombers in the air …”

  • Elon, if all the Iranian (and other Arab countries’ teams) are only worried about playing soccer, then why is it that Israel has to play their qualifying rounds in the UEFA as opposed to the AFC? Could it be because the Arab teams in their region REF– USE to play against them for political reasons? (it is) So much for leaving political agendas behind for the World Cup huh?

  • Dan-You are actually making my point for me. The Iranian players told their batshit crazy president who is equally inflamatory as he is idiotic, NOT to come to Germany so that politics could stay OUT of the game. The players are trying to leave the agendas behind.

    Ck- Continue having fun, don’t let me stop you! 🙂

  • The Iranians were surprisingly good. The score was harsh on them, but then so was that of the Portugal, Angola game.

    Dan: Am curious as to why Israel doesn’t play in the AFC, she’d have a much better chance of qualifying.

  • Elon — So why is Israel in UEFA? If all the Arab players are only interested in playing soccer the there shouldnt be a problem with Israel being in the AFC and not being forced be the only team to have competed in FIVE different continents Asia, Africa, South America, Oceania, and Europe for the World Cup Qualifiers over the years.
    Also according to an article dated yesterday (June 11):
    midfielder Mehdi Mahdavikia said. “We are trying to avoid anything political.” But in the next breath he said: “It is a pleasure for every player if the president of his country watches the national team play.”
    So they told him not to come huh? Doesnt sound like it to me — maybe you can link me the story where you saw that leafsfandan_at_gmail
    or cut and paste an excerpt here for everyone to see

  • ——————————————————————————–

    We’ve heard in the Kwa of “Semites On Bikes”. Internatioanlly, the jew is ever “Kikes On Gripes”-…nur10406111538
    Demonstrators carrying Israeli flags and a banner which translates from the German and Spanish as ‘long live Israel, freedom lives’, in Nuremberg, southeast Germany, protest against anti-Semitism and recent statements made by Irans’s president, Sunday, June 11, 2006. Mexico is playing against Iran, Sunday in a soccer World Cup match in the Frankenstadium, Nuremberg, Germany.

    The mud auxilliary contingent of Kikes On Gripes:…gel10906101350
    People protest against a march of some 200 party supporters of the German rightwing National Democratic Party (NPD) in Gelsenkirchen, western Germany, Saturday, June 10, 2006. Several hundreds of policemen were deployed to ensure the NPD march being separated from anti-rightwing demonstrators.(AP Photo/Joerg Sarbach)…8e2c991ef35db0
    Some 500 members of Germany’s neo-Nazi National Democratic Party (NPD), rally trough the streets of the north-eastern town of Rostock, May 2006. German football chiefs have called for the nation to protest against neo-Nazi marches during this month’s World Cup finals and show the world that a unified Germany has no time for xenophobia.

  • ksgberlin,

    antinational sind alle christlichen Glaubensgemeinschaften.Dass die katholische Kirche konservativer ist als die protestantische ist kein Geheimnis.So auch dass die orthodoxe konservativer ist als die katholische und etliche christliche Sekten vor allem in den Staaten (z.B. die Mormonen usw) konservativer als die orthodoxe Kirche sind usw.

    Das ist aber nicht der Punkt.Und ich will hier nicht die Leistungen der Kameraden in Sueddeutschland schmaelern aber Fakt ist nunmal dass sich die mediale Hetze seit ueber 15 Jahren und ganz besonders in letzterer Zeit auf Mitteldeutschland beschraenkt.

    Das einzige westliche Bundesland das ab und wann mal in den Dreck gezogen wird ist NRW.Nicht gerade ein erzkatholisches Bundesland.

    Vor allem die Gewalttaten sind es die die oeffentliche Aufmerksamkeit auf sich ziehen. Und mit oeffentlicher Aufmerksamkeit meine ich nicht nur die Medien,sondern alle Stuetzen des Systems,wie z.B. die christliche Kirche.Und “rechte” Gewalttaten haben vorallem in Mitteldeutschland ueberpropotionlal stattgefunden.

    Und die Frage steht nach wie vor: Haette es diese Gewalttaten in Bayern gegeben und nicht erst heute oder gestern sondern 15 Jahre lang und haetten die Medien 15 Jahre lang gegen Bayern gehetzt sowie ueber ganz Mitteldeutschland gehetzt wird – glaubst du dann wirklich dass die katholische Kirche still bleiben wuerde?

    Und noch etwas muss man der katholischen Kirche anhaften.Sie hat es geschafft,auch dank ihrer konservativer Ausrichtung, die “versprengten” und “verwirrten” Seelen im System zu intergrieren.Sie hat praktisch schon das geschafft was der Protestant Huber verlangt.Naemlich,keinen “verwirrten” und “versprengten” den “Rechten” zu ueberlassen sondern wieder in der “brd” Gesellschaft einzugliedern.

    Das ist auch die Erklaerung dafuer dass viele,an sich “rechte Waehler” in Bayern,dann doch lieber die systemkonforme CSU waehlen statt z.B. der NPD ihre Stimme zu geben.

  • The jews, with their Marxist Anglo whores, have been pumping our school kids so full of “weez equal” and holohoax horse manure, that its actually coming out their eyeballs thus making everything they see, brown. When it comes to N.S. Germany, all stops have been pulled to make sure no one learns the truth and those who seek it, and find small bits, are soon slapped down.

  • Vespian,(All day I think of Jews.)
    I know you are masturbating while reading Jewlicious because only Jews can get you so damn excited. I have to admit that my goy self gets hot and bothered when I see Netanyahu and the hot IDF male soldiers. I’m sure you do too.

  • How come all of you jews aren’t moving to the land they support — Israel? There they could find peace and prosperity without all of that anti-Semitism poisoning their water.

  • Because we need to sell you more bagels and rogelach to finance our continuing world domination.

    Essen! Essen!

  • You Hebes should set aside a day of celebration for AdolF Hitler. Without Hitler, you wouldn’t have the HOLOHOAX reparation, and the state of Israel in occupy Palestine.

  • Vespesian- Erstens, was du eben auf Deutsch schrieb macht gar kein Sinn.

    Zweitens, ich habe für dich einen Vorschlag, statt auf Jüdische blogs ab und zu dein scheiß mitzuteilen, könntest du Udo Voigt’s schwanz aus deinem Mund ziehen, seine geschlechtsflüßigkeiten rausspucken und mich am Arsch lecken du NPD Arschloch.

    Das ist alles. Verpiss dich und hau ab.

  • Dan- Israel is in UEFA because the controlling soccer bodies of Arab nations REF– USE to play against them. The players don’t have a say.

    Point me to the article so I can put the quote in context.
    “It is a pleasure for every player if the president of his country watches the national team play.”

    Sounds to me like he could be acting diplomatically, not to stir the pot any more since they asked Ahmedinejad NOT to come. Why not bow down a bit? Or it could just be a general statement…it certainly doesn’t scream to me…we want him here.

  • Vespesian was really masturbating today. Go Vespe Go vespe. Jews are the only ones that can give you an erection.
    “Palestine” only exists in your dirt nazi mind. Jews Belong in their homeland while you belong in hell!
    Do you think about anything else besides Jews? You know you love them!

  • Nina, I speak to you as well as to myself when I suggest that we all no longer feed the trolls.


  • ahmm…

    guys, this is just a game!

    im half persian and half mexican, i grew in iran as a Jew

    …i was wondering, why do u guys relate race/politics into a game that is ment to keep all that away

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