Join Nahal regiment 931 as they attack a Hizballah stronghold in south Lebanon. A fierce battle erupts, Hizballah terrorists wearing full IDF uniforms are encountered and people are hurt. Itai Anghel from respected Israeli investigative news show Uvda films the whole thing using a night vision camera. Lisa from On The Face hooks us up with this video (english subtitles) and notes:

A few things to know before you watch: With the exception of the officers – Avi Dahan and Biche – all the soldiers are reservists in their 20’s and 30’s who did their three-year mandatory army service (ages 18-21) in the unit; in other words, they are civilians who responded to emergency call up notices.

She also notes that Eli Lake wrote an article about the report for the New York Sun. This is a powerful and thought provoking piece of journalism. BIG Hat tip to Lisa!


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  • Oh my g-d. Pride for these soldiers doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel after watching this. Thank g-d for the IDF and Israel!

  • Playback — As instructed, right click where indicated and select copy link location. Then open Windows Media Player. Select File and then Open URL. Put the cursor on the space to write a URL, right click and hit paste.

    That worked for me.

  • ..ouch.
    The IDF soldiers are pretty brave.
    That commander Avi looked a bit like Zidane though:P.

  • One correction, G’dud (Regiment) 931 is not a reserve regiment. 50, 931 and 932 are all regular Nahal brigades. These are most certainly conscripted soldiers.

  • A gedud is a batallion, Nahal is the brigade.
    The guy with the kippah behind the batallion commander is an Anglo from Har Nof (went to yeshiva with him), and is actually Richard Joel’s (now prez of YU) nephew.

  • Thanks Yoni. Lisa said her clip is 25 minutes and this seems to be 15 minutes. Is there a conclusion to the battle?

  • Why oh why do they use a bullhorn for ground combat…it’s like telling the bad guys shooting at you from surrounding hills “I’m right here, come get me!” Is it really that expensive to get earpieces for all?

  • plucky, it scares the shit out of terrorists, because they usually work in teams of 2-3, and if caught alone, are scared shitless.

    my friend was a sniper in this unit. avi was his commander when he was in nachal. he stayed in leabanon for 2 years about 3 or 4 years ago. absolutely insane.

  • plucky they do have headsets, but only officers, radio operators, and a small number of soldiers use them.
    besides during an incident of this scale you want to refrain from using radio when the you are under attack as to not clog up the frequancy.