israeli soldiers, fashion victims
That wonderful title refers to an article in Slate which explains why in so many photos coming from Israeli’s front lines soldiers are seen wearing something that vaguely resembles chef’s hats.

(the floppy hats are called mitznefet (clown), and serve the purpose of both keeping out the sun, and makes it harder to recognize in a shadow or out of the corner of your eye.)

Nonetheless, why stop at soldiers? Anyone who has been in this country probably knows that you could add in any group and play “Israeli _______, Fashion Victims” and even have more fun. Someone with a little time on their hands should open up a Go Fug Yourself: Israeli Edition.

i heart arsimArsim in the making. Note the frosted, over-styled hair.

It just boggles the mind. despite the fat that Israelis are quite easily one of the most beautiful people in the world, they yet Ye Old Average Secular Israeli continues to make fashion choices that could only be called a bad and ill-fitting version of Euro-Trash Chic. the oddly placed pockets and straps, the nonsensical silk screened phrases across too-tight t-shirts, the ubiquity of asscrack-revealing low-slung pants (especially among food service workers), it’s just wrong.

The only group I who I can say constantly have their fashion groove on are, interestingly, neo-hasidic Religious Zionists. They just have the whole hippy-peasant look down to a science. The settler-chic look has unfortunately worked it’s way out of my and many of my friends closets as the political statement associated with it began to deviate too much from our own.

Nonetheless, and in all fairness, sometimes the bad fashion here is a relief; I never have to be so concerned about what I’m wearing because truly, anything goes here. Hopefully the American Apparel store in Tel Aviv can start bringing a little hip, tasteful subtlety to this land of ours.

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  • Last night, Hassan Nasrallah, the Hizbollah leader, said his men had achieved “a strategic, historic victory” over “a confused, cowardly and defea-ted” enemy.

  • Sorry to correct your Hebrew, but:
    Here’s morfix’s definition (no clowns in sight):
    מִצְנֶפֶת שֵם × ‘ (ritual clothing) miter ; conical hat

  • He said that while his soldiers were walking around in a daze from hunger according to the Druze battalion. The cease fire saved their behinds, don’t kid yourself. Maybe Iran should have supplied them with silly looking combat hats.

  • I have to admit, the hippy-peasant look does make sense considering the climate over there, and the chics are pretty cute, but to me, a long-term stay in a community with a combo of chassidic AND Hippy AND Zionist is ideologically triple penetration would surely push me over the edge to become exactly what TM has always said I am.

    I would also like to comment at this point that this incessant Jewlicious barking for American Apparel is apparently not as baseless as I presumed. It turns out the merchandise is quite good. I have decided I like them, even though I do not like the cost. Would you know where I can get a coupon redeemable without ordering online and paying for shipping and handling? I like to avoid such charges when possible.

  • I generally agreed – until that last line.

    Oh come on, Laya.



    You want our Dear Israeli Brethren to dress with subtlety?

    What are you, some kind of messianic dreamer?