Thanks for nothing
Thanks Nasrallah! Thanks Hash smokers! Thanks for nothing…

Here in Israel, it seems like (almost) everyone’s getting behind the war effort. Everyone is trying to do whatever they can to help. Of course, those in the IDF and in the reserves are serving bravely, rushing off to join their mates when called, and others are even sacrificing their lives.

But you needn’t be a soldier or a generous person to help in the war effort. If you’re a pot head, you can help by uh… simply not smoking Hizballah Hash. See, it seems that the majority of the Hash in this country is produced by the Hizballah in south Lebanon. According to the Forward:

“A Persian-backed terrorist organization is the primary supplier of hashish to the Israeli market today,” activist and Jerusalem resident Dan Sieradski said on his blog, “And this is why, with a heavy heart, I am officially boycotting hashish, effective immediately.” According to an Israeli police report, Lebanon is the number-one source of hashish in the country. (Coming in at number two, Israeli backpackers returning from India.) Historically, Israeli Arabs, Bedouins and Druze nomads have been the middle men in Israel’s drug trade, smuggling hashish, cocaine and other drugs across the Israeli-Lebanese border. Since Israel’s withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, however, Hezbollah has seized control of the smuggling operation, and the Islamic militant group continues to control the drug trade รขโ‚ฌโ€ and profit off all transactions made… “Hezbollah is directly overseeing the entire operation,” Police Captain Avi ElGrisi was quoted as saying in The Jerusalem Post. “They say where, when, and how much drugs are brought in.”

The reason for the boycott is obvious. Israel is at war with Hizballah and patriotic pot heads don’t want to provide economic support to the enemy. The article then continues:

Some boycotters argue that the only way to ultimately cripple Hezbollah’s role in the drug trade is not merely to shut down the terrorist group’s smuggling operation but also to decriminalize the drug itself. If hashish were made legal, they say, the demand for underground sources would vanish and Hezbollah’s monopoly would collapse… “You cannot stop people from smoking cannabis,” Sieradski said. “But you can have a profound impact on where they get it from.”

True. But see, here’s the thing. Smoking pot or Hash makes you addle minded. For instance, no one cited in the article seems to realize that for now at least, the supply of Hizballah Hash in Israel is down to nil. Drug smuggling across the south Lebanon/Israeli border is currently all but impossible because of the war that Israeli Hash smokers helped to finance.

Those rockets falling on us in Northern Israel? Those bunkers where all the terrorists are hiding? Those anti-tank missiles and bullets the Hizballah terrorists are firing at our soldiers? Those fancy shmancy yellow Hizballah flags that everyone waves around during anti-Israel demonstrations? All of those and more have been financed in part by Israeli Hash users.

Thanks a lot you fucking idiots. I applaud your efforts to help, but it’s a little late now, don’t you think? Yeah. I’m running to lobby the government right now to legalize pot. No really, right this minute! Here… have a doughnut.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • I don’t smoke hash or pot. What I need is for this war to be over and for Hizballah to be obliterated. But thanks for the offer.

  • I think Iran might also have something to do with the financial backing of Hezbollah, but fuck um man, I agree CK they must be obliterated. Not sure what the answer is, the Islamic world is so ass backwards that it will take generations to change anything. I said it, The Islamic world as a whole is ass backwards and incapable of contributing anything to society. (I go through phases, sometimes i think heck give peace a chance, but peace must be two sided. sometimes the only option is force, un-adulterated, uncivilized force. and get your hash from Jordan pot smokers)

  • I read that, years ago, hash destined for Israel from Lebanon was laced with opium to further poison Israelis. They probably aren’t doing that now, but the question remains: Why imbibe anything sent to you by your enemies?

  • CK – hear about the Bedouine up North arrested for spying for Hez in exhcange for drugs? Haaretz: Commander Zigdon said that the combination of drugs trade and selling sensitive information on Israeli defense forces is very problematic. “Drug dealers are controlled by Hezbollah in order to compromise Israel’s national security,” he said.

    How about Dan, rather than boycotting, apologize for financing the deaths of Jews?

    It’s pretty easy to boycott something when the traffic corridor is shut down. Way to go, Dan!

  • steven — that’s why i recommended that a good way for israel to harm hezbollah is to decriminalize small-scale growth for personal use. drug prohibition results in black market production and distribution. the only way to eradicate the black market is to let people grow their own.

    tm — i dunno, do you send hezbollah tzedakah everytime you f*ck yourself?

  • Oh, stop fighting with each other, you guys.

    With all of this childish sniping, you sound just like the heads of major Jewish organizations I used to cover in New York.

    My opinion is that CK did take a cheap shot. But Mobius, you didn’t have to sink to that level in your reaction.

  • OK. It’s not 6 am now and I may, if possible, clarify my opinion. I stand by my assertion that buying Hizballah Hash helps finance Hizballah. It was no secret that this particularly sublime and potent type of hashish came from our enemies because the street name was Hizballah Hash even before the war. I still stand by the notion that boycotting it now is really besides the point.

    That having been said, I nonetheless support Dan’s contention that Cannabis ought to be decriminalized if not out and out legalized. Producing it here in Israel for local consumption will rob Hizballah of an important source of revenue and free Israelli jails from people serving time for minor drug offenses. Keeping Cannabis illegal only serves the interests of Israel’s criminal element and robs the state of precious revenue. It also unduly romanticizes Cannabis – a drug that is in fact unbearably boring and benign. My apologies to Dan for being such a hard ass prick. There is much wisdom in the substance of his original post – which i should have linked to and quoted from.

  • Yes, great wisdom, as in claiming that pot smoking encourages brain cell regeneration based on a study that demonstrated that a substance related to and much more potent than THC causes these effects…in rats. Whatever makes you feel better, I guess.

  • 31st day of the war, and ck will see half of his wish fulfilled. The war will soon be over, perhaps later today, pending ceasefire negotiations in New York.

    But Hezbollah won’t be obliterated. Not by a long shot.

  • Right, Tom. Because every time the UN Security Council lays down a resolution, the world immediately responds… ๐Ÿ™„

    Like when they passed UNSCR #1559 in 2004.

    Peace is not the spontaneous result of anything. It is an uphill battle to achieve peace.

  • It does seem like kind of a non-sequitir to stick in that snide part at the end about legalizing it. Obviously, people are not just going to voluntarily give up hash especially if they don’t understand where it comes from. But if you legalized it, that would pretty quickly dry up the black market which is only benefitting Hezballah, right?

  • BTW, Lebanon does not have exclusive rights on drug smuggling. Since we pulled out of Gaza tons of marijuana has been smuggled from Egypt into Israel. Another good reason to boycott.

  • What about Lebanese Arak, Israelis were gaga over that I think it is called Zachlawi.

    Most of the Israelis I am told are fed up with Olmert. and Netanyahu, who is doing nothing.

    What instead of afflicting England, he should be organizing demonstrations to demand that places like Bint Jebil, Marj Ayoun, be reduced to find dust.

    Instead, I am sick and disgusted to see how many soldiers gave their lives in these places.

    Olmert has got to go. Pulsa D’Nura time.

  • I promise I’ll smoke Cheeba until the day that I die. I like pot and hash, I hate HizBullah and any terrorists that want my people dead. I don’t think your self righteous rant against herb helps anyone.

  • zajps, you should see Abitbol guzzle Vodka! He can drink even moi under the table many times over.

    These guys drink Vodka for days on end. Yet they rail against those who enjoy a toke here and there . something that causes no damage to the liver and to the brain cells. I didn’t say I smoke did I? there is vaping and there are my famous brownies.

    Which I will have you know are highly requested by several med patients, people who are in pain daily w/ MS, that I support with thier meds.

    Altho a recent study shows smoking of herb causes no cancer.

    Why not just support Mobius’s courageous and brillaint idea?

    When this stupid war is over of course.

  • So far all my siblings have glaucoma and I don’t.
    why are all of you in such a tizzy over s>>>t? It should be legal. It used to be Israel grew some good stuff for export to Holland. So why buy HizHash?

    My mom is spending $1,000 a month on glaucoma drugs. If I turned around and told a chassidishe bubbe she should be toking, ’cause its cheaper, she would write me out of her life.

    $1,000 a month–and that’s with a drug plan.

  • Nice to see our future Israeli leaders, unlike their counterparts the future European leaders, are staying out of the raves and away from the E and nose candy and sticking with and up for the softer stuff.

    The OA post was ostensibly about how legalizing soft drugs will keep drugs out of criminal’s hands, provide tax revenue, ensure quality control – all a good thing. But when it got to the part about mobius’ brave decision to stop smoking “for the sake of Israel and for the sake of the Lebanese living under the yoke of Iran and Syria’s…” I just went… I went… I couldn’t explain what I went. Then ck’s post went and did it for me. Normally I would say the issues of legalizing soft drugs, the war on drugs and the war on drug-financed international terrorist groups are connected. But for some reason when the OA post started in on how legalization is a weapon in the fight agains hisbollah, it reeked (insert smiley face here) a little bit like a red herring. Maybe not red – more like pink. Not hypocritical, but maybe disingenuous. I’m almost certain that I might feel confident about this. It sounded more like “hey, decriminalizing soft drugs will take solve crime by eliminating criminal drug dealing and, oh… if that doesn’t convince you, how about it will also DESTROY HISBOLLAH’S FINANCIAL INFRASTRUCTURE… (my words, my quotation marks, my caps, so sue me). I don’t think for a second mobius was consciously playing the hisbollah card to sell his drug policies. I hope he doesn’t take it personally that I felt that. I’m sorry I felt that. I normally wouldn’t. That I normally wouldn’t goes back to ck’s post: Why is mobius only now drawing the connection to hisbohash and hisbofinances? I shouldn’t question him. I’m just glad he found a way to fight hisbollah that he feels good about. Maybe he didn’t know his resins were “Made In Hisbollaland”. Or maybe I’m the most cynical Jew in the world. Or second-most.

    And it’s not hard to agree that soft drugs should be decriminalized. But you don’t just snap your fingers and bring Amsterdam to Tel Aviv. You first have to control the environment, often with an iron fist, by concurrently increasing penalties for other drugs to almost brutal levels. You need to eliminate organized crime, mob/controlled human trafficking and prostitution, and, in the case of Amsterdam, create a govt.-controlled tourist-friendly red light district to fill the void (and also cash in on). Is this something that Israel can take on right now? And what happens if you see your neighbor with four plants instead of the alloted three? Who do you call?

  • it goes deeper… what if palestinians, lebanese, etc. started smoking really good kind bud? Their demeanor might change alot in term of the will to fight and die. And if the place that the really good, happy feeling herb came from was Israel? what a kiddush Hashem that would be!

  • On another note…can you imagine the surge of American aliyah if it were legalized here? I’m sure half the people I know would be on a plane within three months.

    I’m serious.

  • Legality isn’t the issue. Make it more affordable in Israel than it is in the states and I’ll consider making Aliyah! Just kidding. Been considering Aliyah for years. Nevertheless, legality has never been an issue.

  • Um, no. I am working right now, but you can check back later this evening and I most likely will be. You got a problem with that Mr. Potty Mouth?

  • I actually applaud Morbius for his 180 degree turn on this issue. Because over a year ago (or 2?) on his Orthodox Anarchist blog, I brought up the exact same issue after his arrest on Shabbos in Israel for possession.

    Although, others applauded him at the time for his talk of stopping smoking weed on Shabbos and keeping Shabbos, I was incensed that he was supporting the terorists who use the drug industry in Israel to fund the murder of my friends and promoting drug use in Israel amongst other hipsters that just feed the coffers of the terrorists and organized crime (the people engaged in the slavery and the trade of women)and stated my anger in my usual unedited, uncompromising direct manner.

    Morbius at the time banned me, deleted my posts and let me know in no uncertain terms that his “recreational” drug use actually assisted the Israeli economy and poor unemployed Jewish drug traffickers. All of which was 100% false and now finally confirmed as such by Morbius, but Morbius stated it as a fact and promoted 6 day a week drug use in Israel to his fellow Hipsters.

    As far as I am concerned, Morbius and his fellow drug must do real teshuvah to those harmed by the industry they supported. That includes actual financial restituion to the victims of Hizballah at least equal to the amount they’ve supported Hizballah through their drug purchases. Perhaps for a year or 2 of weekly donations to victims’ organizations instead of getting “high”?

    I know there is no immediate “buzz” from chariatable work and I realize that they won’t get the immediate euphoria that comes from these drugs but perhaps they should consider that that is the point.

    Hard work and effort, not a clouding drugged euphoria that just masks reality. Stop hiding from reality and masking your pain. Deal with reality.

    Good to see one drugee hipster growing up, but clearly he a long way to go. I suggest Addictions Anonymous as a first step.

  • There’s nothing to applaud here and you’re right that he should be contributing money and time to make teshuvah for what he has done. I didn’t even realize he had been arrested for possession. Who cares whether it’s shabbat or not? It’s a crime, even if one believes having a joint here or there is a minor offense. It’s a crime and in Israel it’s doubly a crime since it supports its enemies. That he wakes up now is cute and shows some maturing, but one wonders what the hell he was thinking before. Oh wait, this is the guy that goes to popular websites and speaks vociferously of Israeli “war crimes” in order to gain votes for the JIBS.

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