…it sucks to be a journalist covering Mideast hostility, as a two-member FOX news crew was kidnapped by a group of men with guns in Gaza City. Or so TMZ reports…but if you look at the FOX News site, there’s no sign of it. There you can find lots of “great breaking news” from the Middle East, including the fact that both Hezbollah and Israel are claiming victory after a UN imposed cease fire, and that Ariel Sharon’s condition has now worsened.

And if you want news about the fact that Kate Hudson’s marriage to the guy from the Black Crowes is over, or that thousands of people showed up in glamorous New Jersey to audition for their sixty seconds of humiliation in the American Idol clip show of freaks, feel free to report to the FOX News home page.

But no report about the missing news crew. Oy. May they be returned safely soon.

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  • This means of course that old Rupert Murdoch will be donating millions of dollars to the PA/whatever cause quite soon. He’ll deny it, and try to cover it up, but it will be true nevertheless. Appeasement will be the word of the hour. Cheers, ‘VJ’