The voice of the people will rise.

Over at Beliefnet, those blogcrazy folks who brought you the Idol Chatter blog have blogstruck again, with a new Middle East Conflict blog. The blog team members who provide their “Posts from a War: Perspectives on Israel, Gaza and Lebanon,” seem to be of eclectic backgrounds and different religions with impressive credentials, and question the same subjects that we’re all pondering: the objectivity and accuracy of the media, how the war affects daily life and addresses the issue of excessive force. (My major criticisms are that some of the blog posts are too long, and that the team is made up entirely of men.)

As a balance, one can seek the posts of Israeli women trying to make sense of the war in Between a Rocket and a Hard Place, which bills itself as “Israeli women from various Academic and Media backgrounds” who “believe that all life is sacred, we promote peace and want everyone to prosper. However, values are subjected to life conditions and context, and we believe that even a pacifist will kill a cannibal that jumps him. In this temporary blog, born spontaneously due to our frustration of mainstream media coverage, we shall try to bring our personal narratives to suggest complex perspectives beyond black and white ideals.” (Hat tip to Chayyei Sarah, in her new “surf the web for interesting blog posts about the war” job at Israelity)
Also, via ROI 120 participant Lindsay (from Livnot), comes this blog, The View from Tzfat, which tells the stories of regular people who live in the town of Safed, which has been struck hard by Katyushas, and contains anecdotes from volunteers who headed north to help when others fled for their lives.

Undoubtedly there are more than just these three; feel free to write in with others that you know of…

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