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  • It conflicts with my class on the Jewish Community, taught by Robert Chazan. Phoebe, who the hell are you, and what the hell do you think you’re doing, invading my ‘hood?

  • My ‘hood too! Well, kinda. You’re the Ariel Beery who went to Stuyvesant, right?

    I’m invading the Village in particular because I now go to NYU.

  • Hi, and welcome to Phoebe and Ariel’s most excellent NYU grad student chat room…

    I think it’s funny that there’s a class on the Jewish Community. Where do they go on a field trip, West 96th and Columbus? Let me know if you learn anything. You know, like where they’re keeping the money.

  • Esther, the class will be taught under the huge blue “e” in your room.

    Phoebe, I did go to Stuy–who are you and why are you stalking me?

  • hope the speech isn’t cancelled by rioting palestinians like it was here in Montreal a few years ago.

  • I’m definitely not stalking anybody– I wouldn’t have the time at the moment. But we blog-interacted at one point, I think because you know my sometimes co-blogger Molly.

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