Netanyahu will be speaking to those of us lucky enough to have NYU IDs on September 7th at 6pm. If this doesn’t conflict with one of my classes, see y’all there!

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  • It conflicts with my class on the Jewish Community, taught by Robert Chazan. Phoebe, who the hell are you, and what the hell do you think you’re doing, invading my ‘hood?

  • (And yes, Dave, I will fix my RSS the second Matzat’s bug-ridden internet software–Spectacle–is removed from my site)

  • My ‘hood too! Well, kinda. You’re the Ariel Beery who went to Stuyvesant, right?

    I’m invading the Village in particular because I now go to NYU.

  • Hi, and welcome to Phoebe and Ariel’s most excellent NYU grad student chat room…

    I think it’s funny that there’s a class on the Jewish Community. Where do they go on a field trip, West 96th and Columbus? Let me know if you learn anything. You know, like where they’re keeping the money.

  • Esther, the class will be taught under the huge blue “e” in your room.

    Phoebe, I did go to Stuy–who are you and why are you stalking me?

  • hope the speech isn’t cancelled by rioting palestinians like it was here in Montreal a few years ago.

  • I’m definitely not stalking anybody– I wouldn’t have the time at the moment. But we blog-interacted at one point, I think because you know my sometimes co-blogger Molly.