Soooo talented! Right out of Der Sturmer!Uh oh, you just know it’s coming…

After offending Muslim sensibilities worldwide by telling the story of a Byzantine leader who dismissed Islam’s violence and speaking in negative terms of the concept of Jihad and forced conversions, the Pope has come out with a form of apology expression of regret. Clearly, the rioting and intense comments by a broad section of the Islamic world’s leadership have caused the Pope some grief, or at least sufficient concern regarding the impact of his remarks.

Of course, as this was going on, the Holocaust-denial cartoon festival sponsored by an Iranian newspaper and currently on display in an Iranian museum continues. The latest news is that no leaders in the Islamic world have spoken out against the show. To remind you, this show came about because some Danish Muslim clerics traveled to the Middle East with an exhibit of Danish cartoons that were deemed offensive to Islam. At the time, this caused riots across the Islamic world and plenty of Muslim leaders denouncing the cartoons and the Europeans’ callousness.

Yeeha!Choosing what can only be described as a severe form of punishment, an Iranian newspaper immediately decided to retaliate against the nefarious Christian Europeans and their evil cartoons. The tough punishment? They announced a Holocaust denial cartoon contest. I’m sure we all see the connection. 700 entries were submitted for the cash prize of $12,000 and 200 are now on exhibit. It is clear that this had a profound impact on the Europeans who rioted, spoke out publicly, lashed out at Muslims, stopped interacting with Iranian media or politicians went on summer vacation.

Now this seems to be a very fine outcome if you ask me. You might recall that 900 years ago, when Christians and Muslims would have a “problem,” they’d go off and have wars. Large numbers of people would be killed, communities would be upended, countries were conquered…and lost…and reconquered, and, of course, Jews were killed for the fun of it.

Cartoon contests and exhibits seem to be a far more civilized outcome since nobody gets killed, nobody gets injured and nothing gets destroyed. In fact, all that happens is a cartoon exhibit with antisemitic intentions and overtones. Heck, this is truly excellent because the Christians and Muslims don’t even have to duke it out. A Muslim cleric wants to call Christians heathens and apostates? No problem, a Christian-owned paper can hold a cartoon contest with the theme that Jews reject Jesus as the messiah. A Christian leader calls Muslims suicide bombers and violent religionists? No problem, an Iranian museum can hold a cartoon contest depicting the blood libel of Jews murdering children for their blood to make the worst food in the world, matzah. A Christian leader proclaims Islam a religion seeking world domination? No problem, a Muslim newpaper will sponsor a cartoon contest showing the finest depiction of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Why stop there? Why not conduct foreign policy this way?

Let’s say China violates human rights and some international organizations or leaders comment on these violations. Well, the Chinese can hold a cartoon exhibit depicting Jews with monstrous noses controlling world finance. How about Russian sensitivity to accusations that it is destroying Chechnyan cities and lives? Problem? Not at all, Russia can hold a cartoon exhibit showing how Jews ruined Russia with evil agricultural practices back in the days of the shtetl.

Think of the possibilities! Imagine the outcome! Yes, folks, we Iranian Muslims have stumbled upon the key to world peace. WORLD PEACE!

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