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It aint over yet folks. For those of you who are apt to procrastination, this is your absolute final chance to register for a free trip to Israel this winter. The deadline to register, which was Oct. 5th, has been extended by Taglit birthright israel and is now Oct. 12th. That gives you an extra week to hem and haw and think about taking advantage of the greatest offer ever made to young Jews ever! Jewlicious, in association with ubber Israel trip provider Oranim will have at least one bus going and if registration keeps pace, we may have two.

But what is most important is that you just register for your free trip to israel and go. You qualify if you’re Jewish, between the ages of 18 and 26 and have never been on a peer-based trip to Israel before. What this trip costs you is nothing and what you get in return is a 10 day tour of Israel which will be the source of great memories for ever and ever! Heh, that was cheesy. But it’s kinda true. So if you qualify, or know anyone else that does, register for your free trip today and maybe I’ll buy you a falafel when you get here.

birthright israel
this trip is a gift from Taglit-birthright israel.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • Jewish Jordanians sure can. And if you’re not Jewish Rami, what i can offer you is a few free beers if yoou come and visit us in Jerusalem. Or a starbucks coffee next time I’m in Aman. Deal?

  • hey, im not jewish but i will undergo conversion next next starting january. do I still qualify? I just cannot miss this oppurtunity.

  • T.A. You’ll probably need to provide a letter from the Rabbi who will convert you. Apply now, work out the details later.

  • Hmmm… Rediscovering our cultural heritage, or partying it up like a beach trip to Miami? Let me know if there are service-related trips available, or if we are able to meet with Rabbis for Human Rights or Peace Now to learn about their work in the occupied territores, and I’ll consider it! Thanks. -j

  • Oh Jill. It’s not all about beach parties. But it is indeed about your Jewish heritage. The educational aspects of the trip attempt to at least inspire you to learn more about that heritage – there’s only so much education you can cram into people in 10 days. And its not particularly political either – any of our staff will gladly explain the history of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and try to give you both sides of the story. Not only that but I have a couple of peace activist friends who I am sure I can persuade to come for shabbat lunch and talk to the group. That having been said, try there was a service oriented trip for this winter but the deadline to apply has passed. Get in touch with us using the contact us page and we’ll be happy to discuss this further and point you in the direction of a program you might find more appropriate.

  • I’m sure the ISM has an infiltration program right up Jill’s alley.