Just chatted with my buddy Todd who is in Israel on a relatively new program called Israel Service Corps. Todd tells me that ISC-Israel Service Corps is a unique five-month volunteer program offering a unique opportunity to be exposed to and get to know Israeli society from an insider’s perspective while making a difference within the community. ISC is an program of Oranim Educational Initiatives and Momo Lifshitz.

Todd is in Israel on the current session with 12 other participants. Other than being an interesting group of individuals from all over the US doing some pretty cool things, they are also big fans of ISC. You can get to know them a little better in this brochure they put together. The Ramla based participants also have a blog at http://www.iscramla.com: 2 of my favorite posts include this one by Aliza who talks about the Peruvians in her Ulpan, and this one by Aaron who wrote breathlessly about meeting Prime Minister Olmert.

You can visit the Israel Service Corps Web site for official program information and applications. The November 30th deadline for the next session has been extended and this program qualifies for grants of up to $5,000 from MASA. Go check out the site and find out more!

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  • Oranim is a for-profit initiative, despite this being a “service corp”.

    Try checking out one of the programs at israelprograms.org/

  • Wow, competition.

    If this is a for-profit company that does its job well, what is wrong with that? How is a non-profit superior? I’ve known non-profits where the principals keep a great deal of the donations they receive for salary and they aren’t monitored by anybody.

  • Mike – I am not intimately familiar with the financial backgrounds of the entities behind every program. This post was inspired by the participants in the program who kept emailing me and insisting that I write about their program. Its really remarkable – we get lots of requests for write ups about various programs, but usually from the organizers not the participants. I was impressed by their tenacity so I wrote them up. Oranim must be doing something right…