Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad RegevI hope not but it turns out that this may indeed be the case. Israeli censors have just released a report that implies that IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev may be dead.

The report was compiled by medical and military experts just a week after the cross-border ambush by Hizbollah near the Israeli village of Zaarit, in which three Israeli soldiers were killed… They analysed the position in which the two soldiers were sitting in their Humvee armoured jeep when it was hit by rocket propelled grenades concluding that one of the two men must have been critically injured and the other severely injured before being dragged across the border… The implication was that unless they received hospital treatment urgently, they would have died.

Hizballah, being the assholes that they are and in defiance of prisoner protocol followed by more civilized entitites, has out and out refused “to provide any proof of life or even discuss the issue with intermediaries from the International Committee of the Red Cross.”

This might explain Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s decision to call a cease fire ending the war on August 14th. Once it was determined that the soldiers were likely dead, and after having received assurances that Hizballah would be contained by the UN and the Lebanese Army, there would be little point in continuing the conflict.

That having been said, the IDF is reportedly still acting on the presumption that the soldiers are alive and is continuing its efforts to bring about their return. Despite this though, the families of the kidnapped soldiers are not too pleased with the timing of the release of the report and blame it on accidental information leaks that made keeping the report secret, superfluous.

Either way, the news is sad and I send my prayers out to the families.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • “Hizballah, being the assholes that they are and in defiance of prisoner protocol followed by more civilized entitites”

    Ck, you don’t get it. You need to stop talking about politics. you just refuse to get it.

  • Yes, this inaction and refusal by Hez to state the disposition of any and all captured prisoners in an armed conflict is a direct violation of every Geneva Convention since the early 1925 ones. This is much more significant that the ‘submunitions’ issue that has never been taken up by International law in a comprehensive fashion. But pretty bloody typical of them. I’m sorry to hear of these assessments. ‘VJ’

  • I go with Rick,
    ck,. the middle etc. should stop talking politics. their views and their pal-, hez-, hippy- and leftistbashing are as old as the whole story. I read these views better in good old newspapers. stick to the interesting points of your culture and enjoy cold peace at kumkum3 on sinai like we germans enjoy cold peace with our european neighbors.
    shalom and allah ma’ak

  • stevie nicks, looks like you found yourself a fan…. i think you both should pull your heads outta your asses and get your lips off of nazrallah’s gear…..

  • These two good-looking Israeli soldiers did not deserve to be treated badly nor killed! Remember, “v’ahavta l’reiacha camocha!” Maybe the Arabs do not know about this mitzvah, but they do know that the Koran orders them to kill those unlike them. If their education system could change, then students would not learn hate, and this problem could stop!

  • This is like the fourth post where I’m completely dumbfounded by Steves Rick’s comments. Which shouldn’t be surprising coming from someone who took his or her’s name from a character in “Munich”. But really, the Yoda-speak is getting tiring.

  • Given the historical misappropriatiion of the Torah and Talmud by notorious anti-Semites, and the egregious misrepresentations thereof, it strikes me as truly asinine to attribute the conduct of terrorists to the text of the Koran. Quite simply, that assertion is not only groundless, but reeks of plain bigotry.

  • shalom middle,
    maybe it was just my restricted english that made “i go with rick” meaningful.
    passing by again at your cosy site some words of peace: everybody should talk politics, specially people, who put love at sites like jewlicious, should write politics.
    But for me, as a regular visitor to the middle east for the last 30 years, with a lot of israeli, palestinian, syrian, jordanian, egyptian, bedouin friends, some views are more interesting than the old story of segregation that led us where we are now.
    To get out of the mess we need voices, that put people together, people, who even help their actual or former enemies.
    Dont forget that you came 1900 years after Bar Kochba, took a historical chance with your ashkenazim mind and now you are there and people like me would spend all their tax money to help you stay where you belong.
    But there is a feeling of undefined justice in the mind of people and justice is missing in the middle east. Thats foremost the problem of your cousins and not yours, but the middle east is not only the region, where power talks. its also the region of big gesture and people are waiting for big gesture for example concerning the 67border.
    by the way: marshall plan worked good for germany and all our neighbors and for Israel and i still admire the american mind to help us, even after my people ran amok.
    helping your neighbors, wherever is a chance for positive development is a wise policy.
    I whish Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev are free soon. In jail with crazy people is a terrible thing.
    shalom and Allah ma’ak

  • abumishmish,

    very well said, I too believe there needs to be an agreement concerning to 67 borders. I also believe instead of such a major focus on justice there needs to be a focus on reality. Israel is there, they are powerful, and the opposition needs to accept this and make peace. creating a better place for their children.