Jacob Shwirtz, M.O.T, long time blogger, Blufr.com creator and ROI120 alum just sent me this link to a video which celebrates his 3rd anniversary of making Aliyah in a rather unique way.

It’s remarkable because, by the time three years rolls around, most people aren’t still dancing, but rather have acquired a particular brand of scathing cynicism that our own Michael had down by age 8. So, Kol ha Kavod Jacob.

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Laya Millman


  • Once when I was serving in the IDF i was ‘hitching’ for a ride and got one w/ a man from the USA. That is, I was able to detect a slight accent, but he refused to speak in English. He said that his entire family was like that. Also that they celebrated their Aliyah day aniversary, this was probably
    at least 10 years after their Aliyah.

    Blew my mind at the time.

    Perhaps I was jealous on some level, I never felt the same connection to Israel. I would only read books in English, I was up on all the latest crap, my friends were only Anglos, I eventually left…