Geopolitical realities are fun!

geopolitics is fun!

Day 3 saw the Jewlicious/Oranim trip head to the Golan Heights. From our lofty perch we learnt about the events leading up to the 6 Day War in 1967. We looked down from former Syrian bunkers into Jewish settlements below and saw how easy it was for the Syrians to shoot at the civilians below. It’s one thing to read about the history of the region, but it’s quite an eye opener to actually see Israel’s precarious geopolitical position for yourself. Underscoring our continued state of vulnerability, we visited a makeshift memorial at a parking lot where 12 Israeli reserve soldiers were killed this summer by a Katyusha rocket launched by Hizballah terrorists from Lebanon. Afterwards we took a quick hike through the Banyas and then went back to the Hotel for a seminar on Middle Eastern politics by Neil Gillman. This was followed by a talk by former member of Jane’s Addicition Aaron Cohen. He discussed his work freeing slaves which was inspired by the Jewish concept of the Jubilee year. He also reported on sex trafficking around the world and the situation of sex slaves in Israel. We ended the night with a quick jaunt to downtown Jerusalem where we visited Nachalat Shiva and enjoyed some live music and beers.

Yes… you are allowed to have some fun on birthright trips! Like Momo says “Drink. Don’t get Drunk!”

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  • I am way jealous that our trip didn’t meet Aaron Cohen nor did our trip talk about sex trafficking in Israel. Important musicians and important social issues. Are these lucky kids also getting a chance to do Shabbat lunch?

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