hugWith so many crucial differences in politics, religion, culture, history, national narrative, etc., it seems that finding peace in the Middle East is an impossible task. What could possibly bring the masses together?

Well, two of my friends in Tel Aviv have stumbled upon the answer. Men. The hot, olive skinned, strong men of the Middle East and our appreciation for them. They find that “these men are so trim and hot and sexy that the Middle East cannot afford to lose even a few of them.”

From their Mission Statement:

Mideast Piece aims to unite people around the world through shared adoration of that most sacred and bronzed of species, the Middle Eastern man. Whether Muslim, Jewish, Christian or Druze, these desert men are more valuable than any Saudi oil well.

As greater appreciation for the Middle Eastern male develops, we are confident the international community will intervene to preserve and protect this endangered species from destroying itself (and, on occasion, others). There are too many unattractive, pale people on Earth for the world not to make the entire Middle East a natural reserve of hot men, complete with admission fee, monorail, and – of course – petting zoos.

Ultimately, the blog will include writers from several regional countries, making it the only pan-Middle Eastern blog focusing on gay men, though I’ve been assured women are also welcome to enjoy the photo collection.

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Laya Millman


  • Jewish men from Israel are the most gorgeous in the world! Arab men don’t even come close. It’s an insult to put them in the same category. The former deserve a website all to themselves.

    • Oh shut up Tami your not even Jewish or female. Tami is a sick ugly oriental troll whos also a man!!! He goes around trying cause rifts between Jews and Arabs. Tami is also anti-semetic. In another post and guise this troll Tami says Jews are terrorist’sand Nazis!! And he also says jewish men are ugly!! Tami you creepy little oriental turd get lost! And for your information I’am Jewish and think Arab men are very hot! And I think Orietnal men (Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Phillipinos) are the ugliest race on Earth!!

      • Agreed Mary he is Oriental and a Troll! I also agree that Oriental men are the ugliest in the World fact! No respectable Jewish women or otherwise would touch an Oriental man!

        I think Mid East arab men are even better looking than Jewish men! In fact I prefer them. Although I firmly believe we Jewish women are still hotter than Mid East arab women!

  • Oh Steves Rick. no need to be so serious all the time, besides i think the site is kinda tongue in sheik…

    ouch! thank you folks, i’ll be here all week!

  • well CK, you should hire someone to do your mareh mekomos, I am willing!

  • “Ostensibly on duty to protect their people, Israeli and Palestinian security forces have often found themselves fighting each other. This is a pity. These men are so trim and hot and sexy that the Middle East cannot afford to lose even a few of them.”

    How can anyone not love that? The constant sex act asides gets old but, hey, so did the ones from the guy who fixed our leaky faucet last week.

    But I’m new to this whole IDF/gay thing. We hear up and down how hot the gals are but I had no idea how much the IDF embraces it’s sexual diversity. I thought of “Yossi and Belin” as more a kind of isolated “Brokeback Mountain” thing. Then I posted a Jewtastic link in a comment on ck’s Assraeli post about Israel’s best friend in the porn industry Michael Lewis that reported this:

    “Last summer, Lucas made his fourth visit to Israel as part of a solidarity tour which included him performing an adult show for gay soldiers.”

    That ain’t your father’s Bob Hope USO tour. Then I started thinking of Michael’s great posts on his trial and tribulations trying to get into the IDF and… well at that point I decided to stop thinking.

  • Tongue in sheik! lol! The site is a gay “Sex in the City” take on the Middle East – I guess, It’d be more like Sex in the Sand.

  • yeah, had a brain fart… give me a break – when you get to be my age… kinda funny slip though…

  • In fact, i gotta remember that one… it’s like when I called Stiller and Meara “Stiller and Mearsheimer”.

  • I think Arab men are hot! The only thing that worries me is the culture clash. Get a good Arab man and it’s okay. Get a devout Muslim and well he probably would’nt want American Israeli woman like me anyway….There must be understanding on both sides for there to be peace. Arab men are gorgeous but there heart must be gorgeous too. They must be liberal with regards to womens rights and I must be allowed to keep my Jewish religion as well!