Power, Faith and FantasyIt was a precarious time for the United States. Americans overseas were being kidnapped by marauding Muslims while the government pursued a confused policy of both verbal admonishment and appeasement. What period am I talking about? Isn’t this what is going on now? Well, in a way yes, but this was also the situation faced by the newly minted United States of America between 1783 and 1815 where America fought its first foreign war in the Middle East and the first American soldiers to die in battle overseas were killed by Arabic-speaking hijackers.

Read all about it in the rivetting first chapter of Power, Faith and Fantasy by Michael Oren available to you here for the first time in PDF format (Copyright 2007 by Sike, Inc.).

Click here to read chapter one Michael Oren‘s newest book, Power, Faith and Fantasy.

P.S.: There’s a new facebook group called “I have power fantasy about Michael Oren.” Some people need to get lives. See the group here.

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  • Plus, if you check out that Facebook group, you’ll note that the link to Michael Oren’s interview on the Daily Show is up there too…