abadizillaA Japanese firm has recently bought a motherload of Abadi Bakery’s bagel-shaped cookies after their recent appearance at an international food fest and smash hit at the subsequent corporate taste testing.

The family owned bakery, which began in Syria was reopened at the Mahane Yehuda market (aka, ck and Michael’s neighborhood) in Jerusalem 70 years ago. In total the company ordered 230,000 packages containing 4.1 million cookies, for NIS 1.5 million (USD 350,000).

“The bakery’s owner, Yossef Abadi, expressed satisfaction over the deal: ‘The Japanese have conquered Israel with their sushi, and we will take over Japan with the Jerusalemite pretzel.'”

While Israel certainly didn’t give Japan the idea for vending machines selling used school girl panties, it nonetheless looks as though Israel’s contribution to Japanese culture is nothing new – at least not according to this site which posits that “many of the traditional ceremonies in Japan seem to indicate that the Lost Tribes of Israel came to ancient Japan.” Striking similarities include a type of “binding of Isaac” on a mountain they call Moriyah, black boxes placed on the foreheads of priests, monthly sexual abstinence , and layout of the temples, waving a sheaf of harvest and more.


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