Holy Hooters

It seems that the next big American food chain to hit Israel is none other than Hooters. I’ve never patronized this establishment but apparently at Hooters, scantily clad waitresses known as Hooters Girls serve spicy chicken wings, sandwiches, seafood and drinks. Hooters girls have become iconic, a part of the American cultural zeitgeist, and one can, if one wants, purchase all manner of calendars, magazines and videos featuring the scantily clad girl next door types.

This is a bold move given the long list of American food chains who have tried to set up shop in Israel and have failed – Starbucks, Dunkin Doughnuts and Hard Rock Cafe for instance. Hooters plans on bucking this trend and following in the footsteps of successful American franchises in Israel by catering to local tastes.

Can’t wait for Hooters brand Hummus!

No actually, I can. Needless to say, despite plans to open a location in Jerusalem, Hooters Israel locations will not be kosher.

Hat tip to Benji of what war zone? who has uh… milked this story for every joke he can.

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  • “Hooters plans on bucking this trend and following in the footsteps of successful American franchises in Israel by catering to local tastes.”

    So I’m guessing the crab legs and oysters probably won’t make it onto the Israeli menu…

    And ck, you failed to mention that Hooters girls serve SIGNIFICANTLY OVERPRICED spicy chicken wings, sandwiches, seafood and drinks.

    Although they are pretty good overpriced wings…

  • This really isn’t that risque for the land of the “his and hers” TNT posters and the frekha. Although Hooters girls in bustiers and low-rise shorts would cater to some local tastes, I think the concept is actually too bland for Israel, unless their target market is tourists.

    I always get a kick out of shocking some of our friends that think of Israel as a Holyland theme park with descriptions of what Tel Aviv is really like when you visit.

  • Sorry about the dup posts – I was correcting a typo and thought I caught the first one in time.

  • Come on down to American Apparel in TLV. We’ve already got Hooters shorts in stock. You can have the Hooters experience in the privacy of your own home.

  • Hey Izzie, is that really you? Wow this joint is gaining respectability.

    How is Shilo these days? U know I was there in the early days, living and breathing there.

  • I think it won’t be that successful in Israel.

    It will be competing for a segment of society that would rather go to clubs.

    This is a type of club but more of a theme restaurant, these have never done well in Israel as was stated.

    There will likely be more security costs as Israelis tend to get a bit rowdy in these types of situations.

    So, it will not last more than 18 months max. is my prediction.

  • This restaurant is taking over the world–
    even Hashem can’t stop it.

  • I am glad that I didn’t make aliyah.

    Even H’ can’t stop this chain.

  • Hooters World Domination

    Keep females stupid and 1/2 clothed

    Makes me want to abandon Judaism.

    Wondering if I should even light
    candles tonight

  • Yes, Miri/Sori, please abandon Judaism and don’t light candles tonight and then pat yourself on the back for not making aliyah and especially for wasting our time. Thanks!

  • Hooters of the Kotel and Hooters of Hebron!!!! Go Hooterim–yeah baaaby

  • To themiddle— if u read what I wrote correctly I said that I didn’t
    make aliyah nor convert. I never wasted anyone’s time. I don’t know who sari is. I am glad to not be there nor in your religion.
    I will stick to my own.

  • to the middle–if u read what i wrote I did not make aliya nor convert. i never wasted anyone’s time. glad to be where i am
    and not in that country and i ll stick to my own religion…