baldwin.jpgAs my husband and I were in the car on our way to work this morning, we listened to an interview with comedian Richard Lewis who is in Providence this weekend doing some comedy show. Among some of the things we learned in listening to Lewis’ shtick (aside from the fact that the comedian is inherently unfunny, especially for a Jew (and one that played a rabbi at that!) and that he may claim he’s “recovering” from drug abuse, but all rambling evidence points to the contrary), Alec Baldwin’s tirade on his daughter, which is plastered all over the internet or TMZ.

Apparently Kim Basinger (Baldwin’s ex) leaked the voicemail from Alec to his 12-year-old daughter Ireland to TMZ in which Baldwin, among other verbal obscenities calls his girl a “thoughtless little pig.”

And now ladies and gents, I present to you the very talented comedian with a very dark side indeed:

That’s not all. “I don’t give a damn that you’re 12 years old or 11 years old, or a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the a– who doesn’t care about what you do,” Baldwin screams into the phone. He then warns Ireland that he’s coming to Los Angeles today, Friday, and will “straighten her out.”Baldwin is going to have to do some fast spinning to get out of this situation, especially if the tape starts getting airplay. There will likely be little tolerance for this kind of behavior, especially toward a child — and his own child, at that.

It certainly is hard imagining telling one’s own kid how angry you are because they — the child — has “humiliated” you by missing a phone call.

More from the call: “Once again I’ve made an a– of myself getting to a phone to make a phone call … I’m tired of playing this game with you. You have insulted me for the last time …You’ve made feel like sh– and you’ve made feel like a fool over and over again … I’m going to straighten your a– out … You are a rude, thoughtless little pig.”

So much for Imus and the tragedy over at VA Tech. The media now has new fodder for exploitation. And I’m not talking Michael Richards here.

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  • Instead of filing this under ‘popalicious’, shouldn’t this be tagged ‘who the hell cares and why the hell is this being posted on jewlicious?’

  • give alec a break because we can all agree that he was 100% correct when he said: “Once again I’ve made an a– of myself,”.

    you have to admire such frankness.

  • Yeah, I had to google to see if Alex was Jewish (coz Kim Basinger sure as hell ain’t!).

    I mean, its good gossip, I’m just surprised to see it on jewlicious.

  • I want my minute back! What does this have to do with Jewlicious?

    If I wanted goyish celebrity gossip, I’d go to the supermarket.

  • tring to figure out what exactly this has to do with Richard Lewis…

    was rather confused.

  • Ugh. I just posted a long comment on this and it never went thru so here’s the short of it.

    The post was indirectly related to Lewis, but more on having to listen to his shtick (as insufferable as that was) and how he was talking about Alec Baldwin and his experiences with Baldwin,

    Alec is not a Jew. This is true. In so as much as he will probably take over SNL after Lorne Michaels (a jew) croaks, if he hasn’t entirely messed up his career, he is still NOT a Jew. This is correct.

    He is as Jewish as Tina Fey or Michael Richards (who still manages to get plenty of play on jewish sites, even tho he’s NOT a Jew) and he merely co-starred on Seinfeld.

  • Another head shaker. First Spielberg’s wives, NYT management and now this.

  • Dear readers of Jewlicious, please take it easy on Beth…she’s new here. It takes a little time to figure things out, to see what one should post and what one shouldn’t post and we, as imperfect beings, should expect some mistakes along the way. Trust me, there is no Jewlicious writing manual and my guess is that ck probably said to Beth, “Hey, post what you like…”

    Let’s all take a deep breath and relax.

  • TM,

    I think the outlandish pop cultural inaccuracies (Chabon has been AWOL, Jacobson is a hipster, Spielberg’s career has nosedived, etc. etc.) are more of an issue than the odd choice of topics.

  • And still, let’s all take a deep breath and relax. Beth is a nice addition to the crew and needs to get her bearings. Besides, the comments section allows us to correct the mistakes of others or to introduce our own ideas – god knows it’s not as if I or ck don’t get berated for our posts (although Esther never does because she’s almost perfect and Michael either gets people who love his posts or absolutely hate them).

  • Last I checked Spielberg’s best decade was the 80s. You might wanna re-evaluate your dismissal of that particular post. Then again, sometimes it’s just easier to jump on the bandwagon once the complaints start filing in…

  • I mean, my best decade was the 80’s, but my life hasn’t taken a nosedive since then.

    I wouldn’t call period that included Schindler’s List, Saving Private Ryan, Catch Me if You Can and Minority Report a career nosedive.

    Keep in mind that the 80’s also included Amazing Stories and the Twilight Zone movie for Spielberg.

  • Beth was also about to say that Alex & Kim’s divorce was a breeze compared to Chutzpah’s because being a shiksa, Kim didn’t need a Get before she could remarry whereas Chutzpah was a chained woman under Orthodox law for two full years during which time her biological time clock ticked away making her unmarriagable to any Orthodox man , so poor Chutzpah had to become a heathen egalaritarian conservative Jew again so that she might find a Jewish spouse. That’s how this relates to Jewlicious. Keep up the good work Beth.

  • 2 years is not that much. It is advised to wait a year after one’s divorce is completed before one begins dating anyway. So the loss in time is not that much. Anyway, bringing up many children into the world is very costly especially in the Jewish comm.

    Most Orthodox weddings must have a pre-nupt which now has a safwguard against this happening in the future so at least the Orthodozx are attempting to address this problem.

  • You know, Jobber/Steves Rick/”Gail Sochberg,” if you’re going to pretend to be other people in the comments section, you should probably at least learn how to alter your stylistic voice. Its sentence fragments, frequent abbreviations and halting construction blare like a klaxon.

  • Come on, Richard Lewis ain’t that bad. On Curb with Larry David he is very funny and works well with that show.

    I have not seen him in anything else but on Curb he’s great.

    As far as Alec Baldwin, didn’t he once eat a corn beef sandwich? So is that the Jewish connection with the posting?

  • Themiddle, i think it’s fair to use the comments section to provide a little constructive criticism. I imagine Beth can take care of herself. The piece is scattered and contradicts itself. If Beth is so chagrined that the media pays more attention to Baldwin’s family issues than Imus’s slur and the VA tech tragedy, she should be posting about those things and not Baldwin. Nevertheless, I would argue that the VA Tech tragedy is getting plenty of air-time as it is.
    Now for the bitchy, completely unconstructive comment that I probably shouldn’t make but am going to anyway: Steven Spielberg would do well not to take career evaluations from someone whose favorite director in the whole world is not Kubrick, not Tarkovsky, not even Wes Anderson, but Eytan Fox. Sorry, had to do it.

    While we’re on the topic of Spielberg, I don’t know if anyone posted about it since I visit only very sporadically, but Mr. Shoah Foundation is lending his talents to the Beijing Olympic Games even as China openly bankrolls the murderous Sudanese government. Mia Farrow called him out on it, and I haven’t heard of any response from Spielberg. I’d say that’s more interesting and relevant than Alec Baldwin’s relationship with his “rude little pig” of a daughter.

  • Fact: Senor Spielbergos only two Oscars didn’t come in the 80’s
    Fact: Only 5 of his 13 Oscar nominations came in the 80s
    Fact: Fully half of his 10 highest grossing DOMESTIC films came after his “nosedive” began (ie 90s and 00s).
    Fact: Capshaw converted
    Fact: Irving’s mom didn’t

  • Mr. Speilberg has provided each and every American with at least 90 minutes of enjoyment and entertainment in their lifetime. Making people that many people forget their troubles for alittle while is pretty damn mitzvah-worthy in my book.

    The Shoah Foundation has provided irreplaceable historical documentation of the Holocaust. Gotta be some mitzvah points there.

    No one cares what Mia Farrow thinks and if Mr. Speilberg chooses to work on the Olympics that does not mean he supports Chinese or Sudanese governments.

    I hope he has many more healthy happy years whether he is married to a goy or not. I think his new reality tv series “On The Lot” is going to be a lot of fun!

  • he’s deffo an artistic type. leaves alot to be desired behavior w/ others wise, speaking from first hand exp. in a group that inclds him.

    As a Jew, leaves a helluva lot to be desired, could have been great, went for crapp.

  • Deiscane –

    Fact: Spielberg once sued Art Spiegelman over copyright infringement for “Maus” (due to similarities to “An American Tail”).

  • Wow- Maus was a children’s story??? I thought I recognized Fievel in some of those drawings!

  • I said “Fact” when I should know better when it involves Spiegleman. He’s a bit of a ranter. I can’t find the interview (it was before the intranet) but in subsequent interviews he claims he was the one who was going to sue Spielberg for stealing the mouse idea but decided against it when he realized he didn’t have a “smoking gun”. He was definitely pissed at Spielberg, especially for putting out his movie just as “Maus” was coming out. He definitely despises both “An American Tail” and “Shindler’s List”.

    In the interview I remember Spiegelman made a joke that the controversy made him start having nightmares where he and Spielberg’s names morphed into “Spiegelberg”.

  • Alec Baldwin, father of the year—HA!!
    More like DADDY DEAREST!!
    His verbal tirade triggered memories of my own childhood, which I had surpressed until I heard him shooting his mouth off.
    Thank-you so much Alec for the memories, you thoughtless boar!!