Just got back from Boombamella, an Israeli music and arts festival that takes place every year on chol hamoed Passover on Nitzanim Beach near Ashkelon. I hung out at the Carlebach “Chevre” camp ground where I met all kinds of interesting folks. The Festival, which attracted upwards of 30,000 revelers and continues till tomorrow night was a perfect microcosm of Israeli society, containing within it clashing elements of both the sacred and the profane. I’ll write more and post more pics after Shabbat!

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  • That bikini girl would be sexy if she didn’t look like a poster child for an eating disorders commercial. I mean, you can see her ribs for pete’s sake.

  • You fellows must be trippiiiin! That girl is gorgeous, and only someone pushing a certain amount of extra weight would say she has an eating disorder.

  • Uh oh, it apparently really doesn’t matter what she was wearing but rather it matters more that she was swimming. According to this article in Haaretz, the government had warned the attendees at this festival not to go swimming in the water because it had recently been polluted by sewage water.