I can’t believe that today is only Monday. The day started with a visit to the ancient city of Acre (aka Akko). Yael our tour guide extraordinaire walked us through the history of this ancient port town, from Arabs, to Crusaders, to Ottomans, to the British. One of the easily overlooked attractions is yet another AV presentation which went over the city’s history by way of it’s bath house. I know, whacky right? But still, I’ve seen it three times already, and enjoy it every time. The trippers were enthralled, so that ought to give you an idea of how cool it was.

Afterwards, we went on a beautiful but harsh 3 hour hike to a small river in between Safed and Mount Meron. Never have I ever enjoyed dipping my toes in a stream more before. We then drove off to the center of Kabbalah – the town of Safed. They cleaned up really well after last summer’s rain of Katyushas from our Hezballah friends in Lebanon, no doubt thanks to the efforts of Leading Up North and Livnot. We visited a few of the synagogues including the one used by the Ari’zal. While the trippers bought all manner of tchochkes, I ran into Rafi, one of the participants at Jewlicious at the Beach 2.0. He’s been living in Safed for the last 5 months and while he looked all frummed out, the rakish angle of his tzitzis and his Hard Rock Cafe t-shirt were evocative of his former mischievousness. Rabbi Yonah will be pleased to know that he looks well fed and is also duly employed as a graphic artist. Just letting you know.

Now I am writing from the main lobby of the guest houses at Kibbutz Haon on the banks of Lake Kinneret. Looking forward to some good sleep – tomorrow because the trippers have been so good, Yael has allowed us to sleep in till 8 am! Why does this excite me so?

rockin' the tri-blend

Check us out rockin’ the tri-blends! Available both in crew neck and v-neck, I challenge anyone to find me a shirt better suited for Israel’s harsh summer sun. And it is so. friggin. soft. American Apparel and Kabbalah have never gone together as well.

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