Mavoi Satum, an organization that assists Agunot and Mesuravot Get, sponsored a March 2007 film festival on the subject of women and religion. Now they’re getting into fashion, with a show specifically designed to call attention to the plight of the agunah…

The event, “K’Asurot,” (rough translation by this American writer is “As Prisoners”) will be tomorrow, Friday June 22 at 10:30 am at the Dan Panorama in Tel Aviv. Tickets are between 150-200 NIS and all proceeds go to support agunot and women who have been refused religious divorces (get).

Mavoi Satum’s website describes their dual approach:

We have identified that in order to make a real difference, we must concentrate on both changing the lives of today’s Agunot and at the same time, ensure that measures be taken to eliminate the problem of the Agunah from our society altogether.

Mavoi Satum’s hope is that events like this will raise awareness and force the hand of the political and religious authorities to take measures that will solve this problem for the world’s agunot.

For tickets, call 052-261-6149.

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