Hamas is clearly sensitive to criticism about their behavior which is probably why they haven’t thrown anybody off a roof in about 10 days. As part and parcel of the “new look” Hamas, they have decided to terminate the use of the Mickey Mouse clone, “Farfour” who became notorious for wishing death to the Jews (of course, as usual, a little movement to claim the translation was false and the little mouse didn’t actually say that the Jews should be killed suddenly appeared over all sorts of websites, but they’re having a tough time gaining traction outside of far Left circles).

Anyway, whereas Tony Soprano was probably killed at the end of the final episode of Sopranos, viewers felt cheated because the screen went to black and nothing specific was seen or heard, leaving it up to us to figure out what had happened, Hamas had a different idea. No cutting to black for these lovers of peace and children. Nuh uh. They put on a little play for the kids in which Farfour is beaten to death by an Israeli. The Israeli is trying to buy land and the effervescent big mouse that infringes Disney’s copyright (but belongs to the one group that Disney fears more than attorneys) tries to stop him and is beaten until dead. The show refers to him as a martyr and to the Israeli as a terrorist.

Lovely and first rate children’t programming = Hamas TV. I suspect that if there were a psychology association in Gaza, they’d be busy people.

And then some people wonder why Hamas shoots people to whom they had offered amnesty.

Okay, okay, the Mickeyboobs image had nothing to do with Hamas. But I think they should consider those as their next bit of TV programming for children. What’s better than one Mickey? Two!

And now for your final viewing pleasure, here is Farfour!


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