Watch this video of how the Zionist apartheid regime continues to wage its loathsome campaign of genocide against the Palestinian people:

I have no words to express the horror and revulsion I feel right now. God damned Zionist aggressors. I’m going to roll myself up in a corner and cry.

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Founder and Publisher of Jewlicious, David Abitbol lives in Jerusalem with his wife, newborn daughter and toddler son. Blogging as "ck" he's been blocked on twitter by the right and the left, so he's doing something right.


  • How dare the Israelis do such a thing!

    All kidding aside, it is a touching video. It also speaks volumes that the mother admitted to having her bias changed – now if only this could occur with the rest of Palestine.

  • Related.

    Related in a sickening way. More on the same case.

    I recall an Israel TV news item in 2002 of an Arab child who was brought to Schnider’s Children’s Hospital for major heart problems. During his recovery, the staff bought the child a radio as a gift.

    When terrorists blew up the Park Hotel dining room in Netanya on Passover Seder night that year, the child heard the reports coming in on his gift radio and was cheering for joy hearing of the deaths and carnage his people inflicted on the Jews.

    Stupid Jews.

  • This is what we call the logical fallacy of an unrepresentative sample used to define a projected norm.

  • ummmn…Muffti is happy that the girl is ok and proud of the humajity of the soldiers. But even he has to agree wtih Rakiah assessment, sort of – one case does not make the norm anymore than you should smoke away freely because George Burns lived so long.

    Still, very touching story.

  • Silly. All Israeli hospitals treat anybody and everybody the same, without asking what their ethnicity is. In fact they often treat teh terrorist in the bed right next to one of his, or her, victims. And the doctor is often an Arab. Arab doctors work alongside Jewish ones, to treat anybody. This is normal in Israel, not exceptional at all.

  • Most Arabs will always hate Jews because they have been brainwashed since birth to do so. There are numerous stories that are similiar to the one above.
    Just last year a young Arab woman was caught before she was able to blow up the Israeli hospital where she had recieved treatment for severe burns. (These burns were caused by an accident in her home and not by the IDF.)
    She did not hesitate to murder in cold-blood the doctors and nurses who helped her recover. All they did was give her first-rate medical care and love. She responded to their kindness by attempting to murder them because they were Jews.
    This is not to say that the Jews in Israel should lose their humanity and become like the Arabs. They should continue with their good deeds but should not expect the Arabs to change their opinions or support for terrorism, because they never will.

  • Is it just me, or is the creepy “Donnie Darko” music in the background not exactly fit with the human interest story being told?

  • Better Muffti? This is the best Muffti you are going to find! Muffti was just sayin’ that a video of some kind israeli’s isn’t goin gto persuade anyone that isn’t already sure that the Israeli’s aren’t baby killers etc.

    What should Muffti know better?

  • If this video were a proven anomaly, or there was no supporting evidence, then yes, it would be a logical fallacy.

    However, if I point to the fact that the American Cancer Society shows that 3 out of 4 families will be directly affected by cancer, and then proceed to show a story about how one family overcame their struggle against cancer, I am not performing a logical fallacy by appealing to the anecdote. Anecdote’s are only fallacious when there is no supporting evidence for the anecdote.

    In the case of the video, what we see is the face of what goes on at a broader level. In other words, if we were to look across the board and see that Israeli hospitals admit and help whoever they can (Jew or Palestinian), that Israeli soldiers have a history of helping Palestinians, etc, then we can accept this video as further evidence – not as an autonomous anecdote.

  • This is disgusting. Israel shouldn’t exist anyway. They had no right to take that land from the palestinians and now they are killing mass amounts of people and feeling self righteous about it. Why can’t the israelis learn to live in Love as God intended????????? Baby Killers!

  • Baby Killers ? there are two sides to every coin !
    Palestinian and muslims teach their children to hate, kill, hate, kill, but ‘we are a peaceful people”. Many Israeli children a-like have also been innocently murdered by those stupid brainwashed Palestinians. So whose to blame here ??????? Israel ? I dont think so. Those coward mask wearing men have brought this upon their own people. Their society has to reap what they have sown. Who are they that should be held responsible for this instigation. I dont know they wear mask to hide their faces.

  • Israel is horrible horrible despicable terrorists. How many more children have to die.. Israel are Baby killers and need to be stopped. All this over a silly piece of Land ? What is wrong with the Israel people. They are pure evil personified!!!!

  • Israel Equals Baby Killers. They are acting no better than the Nazis during the Holocaust!

  • Jews did not have to prevent the red cross administering help to babies. Jews did not have to run over citizens with tanks. Jews did not have to attack the UN run school full of women and children. Jews did not have to strike the refugee house. Jews did not have to MURDER so many poor innocent little babies who were too young to even understand religions let alone religious differences, who were only interested in their toys and their mummy and daddy. Israeli murdering scum, I can understand how the relatively harmless quassam fireworks could upset you and endanger your innocent people, but you have made yourselves far far lower than these people can ever imaging. Prepare to have your support withdrawn from the west. You are no better than the Nazis we rescued you from. Time we rescued the Palestinians from their holocaust.

  • Oh please, “Doctor,” Israel waited for years before launching this attack…in response to yet more Palestinian rocket fire on its civilians.

    As the firing by Hamas in recent days shows, they already have rockets that can reach to some very large Israeli cities and almost to Tel Aviv. Two years ago, they reached Sderot which is just a short distance away. Should Israel wait until every part of it has rockets falling on it?

    If not, then what do you do? Well, you do exactly what Israel is doing right now. And if Hamas has people shooting at Israeli soldiers from nearby UN schools, then you can rest assured this is done on purpose precisely to feed you the propaganda that you are now trying to feed us.

    And as a “secular European doctor” you know better than to speak about rescuing Jews from the Nazis. Learn your history. Only a couple of nations can make that claim and your IP address doesn’t reflect that you come from there. Your IP address, actually, being from the UK, can boast to having caused much of this conflict, not to mention keeping Jewish refugees who were seeking to flee the Nazis right on their boats so they were sent right back to their fate with the Nazis.

    Also, dear “secular European doctor,” you should read up a little on the Nazis and what they did to the Jews before you make your facile, simplistic and idiotic comparisons.

  • Already thousands years Jews have same problem, so many nationalities hate them, and they don’t like arabs because of Islam, they do think that if Muhammed is a prophet he must be Jewish like Moses and Jesus! First Crusade they had same problem as Holocaust, this will never end people gonna hate them more and more. PS:Michael Jackson, Mel Gibson, Boby Fischer(great chess champ) .etc are victims of Jews

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