Let’s face it, we want universities and academics to have freedom of thought, of expression and of speech. Their research requires it and our societies benefit because even unpopular ideas can be investigated and can open new horizons for all of us.

For this reason, I recommend that we should not boycott UK universities for turning out Islamic students who are radicalized on campuses and then go to fight the West. After all, every aspect of every religion is just like every other religion and deserves our respect. And if, God forbid, one of these loonies should happen to stay in the West and blow up a train, then what can we do but accept that this is the price of stupid British universities being so politically correct that they can’t tell the difference between a nut-case extremist (or supporter of extremists) professor and a true scholar. So people die and our very own US soldiers have to be at risk, is that any reason to boycott a university?

Islamic studies departments at British universities may be fuelling extremism among students, according to a Government report.

In a major review of the way Islam is taught on campuses, ministers will today call for courses to be improved to stop students being exposed to teaching that condones terrorism.

The report will also suggest that a network of Muslim faith advisers should be created to give impressionable youngsters spiritual guidance – and stop them falling under the influence of radicals. The move comes amid growing fears that universities and colleges are being infiltrated by fanatics recruiting for jihad.

Sheikh Musa Admani, the Muslim chaplain at London Metropolitan University and an adviser to Bill Rammell, the higher education minister, said he was aware of at least four universities in which students had been “groomed” by extremists.

So I repeat, do not boycott UK universities or academics. Just, you know, when you take your next European vacation, you may wish to consider avoiding the UK and go to Italy instead. I hear riding the trains is safer.

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  • Ha! Ha! You people, facist pigs is more like it, have to censor my comments because the truth hurts! Face it no one cares that Israel is being boycotted because almost everyone hates the Jews especially the Jews!
    The self-hatred is especially prevalent in the entertainment industry where 99% of Jewish men have shiksa girlfiends or wives. Even “Borat”, who is good at acting like an observant Jew, impregnated a red-headed shiksa because he can’t stand Jewish women.
    The movie “Knocked up” is about a blonde shiksa impregnated by an ugly Jew. The director and all the Jewish actors in the film are married to shiksas or have shiksa girlfriends
    Hilter won. The Jews are finished!

  • I’m wondering if anyone here has experienced anti-semitism in the UK?

    I’ve lived in the UK for over a year and have found most people are really interested when they find out I’m Jewish.

  • Here at The Ramon Institute we’ve done some research on comment #1. We have confirmed that Borat is indeed full-blooded Khazakstani. Also, a formal poll of my crack team of hot Jewish and hot non-Jewish female researchers has shown that have reported the guy in “Knocked Up” is very handsome. In “that” kind of way. Question #2, “Would You Do Him?”, was nearly a unanimous yes.

    To conclude our research I chose a special team consisting of Sarah, Rachel, Leah, Debbie and Chrissy to look into this Mr. Jewishmenlovesyaddayadda. The gals employed a relatively new method known as “Googling” and this is what they came up with:


    TM – just give us a shout at The Ramon Institute (situated just north of Mason City, IA) if you need anything.

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