Commando stalking BritneyImagine you spent 5 years in one of the IDF’s most elite units. As a Navy Commando you stood above the rest of your peers, having been taught ever manner of exotic warcraft, from advanced scuba diving, to special weapons and tactics, you name it, you’re an expert. A bad ass in every sense but not a psycho, having been imbued more than most with the IDF’s notion of purity of arms.

Once you leave the army you will be presented with a wealth of career opportunities as befits Israel’s best. And like many of your peers you may want to cast your gaze over to Babylon and see the riches that await one such as yourself. You may choose to become… the bailiff to the stars! Read on:

KEVIN Federline’s lawyer is going for the jugular in the custody battle for his two sons with Britney Spears — and has drafted an ex-Israeli commando to help… Mark Vincent Kaplan sent security expert Aaron Cohen to subpoena Spears’ assistant and cousin, Alli Sims, and music producer Jonathan (JR) Rotem, to face questions on Spears’ alleged erratic, sometimes dangerous, parenting… Cohen caught the pair at a Hollywood Hills bash at 2.30am, local time. Inside was Spears, said to be furious.

Good one Aaron Cohen, whoever you are. Your parents are probably very proud of you and I for one am thrilled, thrilled, to see how well you have put your training to use. Chances are pretty slim that Aaron was a commando though. You’re not supposed to talk about it and if you talk about it, chances are you’re full of shit.

Hat tip to Jewlicious reader Andrew!

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