Sarah Silverman is everywhere in entertainment news as of late. Headlining a Vegas show, starring in some lame arthouse flick, and now, with the return of her show on Comedy Central, The Sarah Silverman Program. I’d respect Sarah a bit more if her act/humor didn’t solely rely on her ability to provoke without any comedic substance or wit of any kind. That, and I couldn’t help but notice that every article that made mention of Silverman’s latest movie I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With mostly alluded to words such as “striptease” and “skivvies” when describing the movie. That can’t bode well for the remaining hour and half of the film.

Sarah is already making waves these days for the controversy surrounding the premise of the season premiere of her show. The racially-charged episode features Sarah donning a black face after she is denied entrance (for being Jewish, according to her) into a club and runs into a black waiter who makes the comment, “Try being Black for a day.” Well, you get where the plot goes from there. After all, I wouldn’t wanna ruin the surprise.

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  • Yep, for once I wholeheartedly agree here. I don’t see it. She’s just been supremely unfunny for ages. Ditto for her idiot BF Jimmy Kimmel. I’ve never seen a lamer late night show on TV. Tom Snyder has it all over this clown. And he’s been dead for over a month. And blackface, unfunny for almost 100 years. It was unfunny when Al Jolson was doing it in the 1920’s. He did it for the pathos & bathos.

    So I really never understood her appeal. Even her delivery seems off & slow to me. Lagging & dragging for poor material. Near as I can tell no one notices much ’cause she’s cute. There’s something to be said for that. But only if she trades in the current Catholic dolt of a BF. But a stupider Hollywood couple would be hard to find of a similar vintage. I can think of dozens of funner Jewish gals, comedians and not, who do not enjoy as much hype, but are much more deserving of it. And old Phyllis Diller was like 100 times funnier too. Classier & Trashier! Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • well, after looking at that picture, there is ONE thing harder than being a black jew…

    sad that she isn’t funny, tho…

  • She’s almost funny in a very unfunny way. In a consciously unfunny & Un Jewish way too. But Blackface as funny? Poor minstrelsy. Sure, Easy on the eyes. A foul mouth to love. But about as funny as the average brick. Another case of hype over selling the product. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • She for sure is pretty, but as far as her sense of humour is concerned, I can only judge by a sketch/song concerning Santa Claus, which wasn’t too funny to me.
    “Blackadder”, “Coupling” and the Monty Pythons are more my speed.

  • Like any comedian, sometimes she hits and sometimes she misses, but at least she’s out there trying. Do we have any other young Jewish comedians these days? Kathy Griffin is Irish. Phyllis Diller is not young even when compared to you VJ.

  • Shutup you guys! Sarah Silverman rules! You wanna hate on someone? Hate on Jimmy Kimmel. That no-talent Man Show reject. Hate on that guy. In fact, don’t just hate him. Kill him. Yes. Kill Jimmy Kimmel. And that way Sarah can be mine all mine, bring her back to the bossom of her people and away from that Catholic marauder…

  • I tol’ you and tol’ you. Matte black, well cut, no gew-gaws or glitter, natural make-up look good.

    I don’t know her act, fortunately, and she is showing a lot of skin for my notions, but the child looks very good!

    Fall on your face, britney.

    There is too life outside peroxide, even though it can be very good for you.

  • It all depends what you are trying to say and to whom.

  • Not every colour works for everyone, and black is highly critical; wearing dressy black by itself is limited to few occasions as per western dresscodes; you don’t even wear black to a business occasion unless it comes with pinstripes. A friend of mine’s a fashion designer (not the artsy throw-trash-together type, but one making millions), and I go through his collections with him before they get released as he cherishes my advice. That above outfit’s cut is not very flattering to her shape, making her rib cage and shoulders appear wider – and the former even bulkier – than they are just to name one thing that’s wrong with the cut.

  • Catholics get the girl every time– even the unfunny Jimmy. By the way, Sarah: brown is the new black.

  • Tom, grey’s the new black (56 shades of grey this fall!), tagging purple along 😉 We also see a return of tartan checkers mixed with animal print (leo on luxurious materials), monochrome bright colours on their own and paired up with black for those that don’t want to wear Yves-Klein-blue from head to toe, neo-spacelook with metallics, neo-medievallook with armour-inspired clothing etc. If you want to get ahead of trends fashionwise, shop in Luxemburg. They’re two years ahead of Britain, which translates to three years ahead of most other Continental countries and five years ahead of the US. The US used to be ahead of fashion when it came to accessories, but smaller brands from BeNeLux and Scandinavia have overtaken it. Brown and burgundy red are autumn classics.

  • Tom – Boston has gotten too much as it is… at least in the sports dept… hate to harp on that but you’re the one who brought up Beckett.

    As far as ck’s little crush on America’s hot yiddisha comic… fotos do not tell the whole story… trust me…

  • Ramon, that might explain the editing done on her right shoulder in this picture. She looks very pretty on this one though, but the cut of that dress / overall is pretty bad.

  • What could possibly be wrong with a little black dress that highlights the titties?
    She rocks it! Pockets for that casual look…I’d even dance with Sir Tom in that dress. Chutzpah needs a boyfriend this year gang….HELP!

  • Shop in Luxembourg? Umm which one? Many I times I’ve been walking down the street of a great city, admiring all the lovely ladies, and I’ve stopped and remarked to my famous fashionistas ‘You know, that gal looks just swell & stylish, but Nothing like a Luxembourgian!’ Then she’d be really Hawt! Icelandic? Maybe Scandinavian? Closer. But give me a lusty Luxy gal dressed in subtle shades of grey armor with a kitty print shoes & a tartan scarf, and hey Watch Out! I can’t control what might happen. No, Really. Cheers, ‘VJ’

  • Anyhow, I was replying to Tom and JM in all seriousness.
    But, in Tucholsky’s words, “Die Grausamkeit der meisten Menschen ist Phantasielosigkeit und ihre Brutalität Ignoranz.”

  • On second thought, I think “sleevies” would make this dress more appealing.

  • Chutzpah, I was thinking about a one-piece mock tux-style with wider straps getting narrower at the shoulders making for a V-neck plunge line and better proportions on the shoulders; high waist for optically elongated legs.

  • mock tux never works on women…makes them look like waitresses. She looks adorable in this pic and she’s funny…go pick on someone else. I hear Jewish Mother wants a fashion makeover to bring her look out of Poland circa 1940.

  • I wasn’t picking on her; just stating that her outfit is badly cut by any standards of fashion design.

  • I was just playin’ with you JM, you knew that …right? Love, Chutzpah.

    Anyone know how my crush Dov Charney is doing these days? Probably has a girlfriend in every color and religion, none of them white or Jewish.

  • At this point I would just like to state that there should be a special blessing for the mint mojito with dominican rum. L’chaim!

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