[What, you’ve got a better way to say “Splitsville” in Hebrew?]

Rami Kleinstein, he of the beautiful melodies with surprisingly raunchy lyrics (“we’ll drop off the kids by your mother, and [expletive deleted] in the bathrooms at the theater”), and wife Rita, she of the shrill and enormous voice and actress in roles such as Eliza Doolittle in “My Fair Lady” and Roxie Hart in “Chicago,” are separated after 20 years of marriage and musical partnership that resulted in classic Israeli songs and many platinum and gold albums.

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  • um… yeah. Given that I loathe Rita and hate Rami Kleinstein I can only hope that the emotional fallout from this personal tragedy will cause both of these artists to retire forever.

    Oh sorry. Was that mean? Well, I can say that I would hate them less if I wasn’t subject to their videos on Jewlicious.

  • ck and I don’t always agree regarding music but on this topic we are as one. I can’t stand the music of these two and I hate their music more now that I am subject to one of their videos on Jewlicious.

    I might have to post an Arik Einstein video to cleanse my palate after this.

  • My vitriol for this former duo is stronger than all of you put together. I’d prefer a catheter dipped in antifreeze placed in my urethra than be subjected to their horrendous “music.”

    I think they separated months ago by the way….

  • Not tooooo difficult – I’ll do it if you grow such a snotcatcher. (Told you I used to sing in choirs, didn’t I?)

  • I like Rami too. Saw him live in NYC a few years ago, and he was really great. Rita? Well, I do wish them both much happiness in life…