Ever wanted to go on tour with hip-hop acts? For those of you who missed us in Seattle…we were in San Francisco tonight, and will be in San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas later in the week. Want to see a bit of what life on the road is like? Check it out here:

And in case you’ve missed our other videos, crawl out from under that rock, and watch Mo Mandel muse about the tour, and watch our original teaser (both below).

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  • So did Subliminal go home with that blonde who said he was a great ambassador to Israel? Muffti thinks he may have spotted some chemistry there.

  • Muffti did not go. With all respect to the musicians in question, hebrew/jewish hip hop, beat box and girls singign meaningful songs on acoustic guitar just isn’t his cup o’ tea.

  • Oh no you didn’t just diss my tour, professor…

    As for the blonde, she’s joined the tour as my assistant. Everyone share this video with friends! And we’re still coming to San Diego, LA and Vegas later this week! So come out and join us.