Sarah Silverman
More proof that he writers’ strike is putting a serious dent on the availability of celebrities for late night appearances on talk shows: A guest on her longtime boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show last night, Sarah Silverman had a seriously scandalous confession to make to her honey.

I’ll give you a hint: While Jimmy Kimmel’s home drinking diet snapple, Sarah is [insert blog subject header] on the bed and on the floor.

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  • Okay, I take back everything bad I’ve ever said about Silverman. I take back all my criticism, all my nasty remarks and my dislike of some of her routines. This was quite funny.

  • I just don’t understand why something so immoral is thought to right. I am not even a prude, but she is singing about being unfaithful to her boyfriend, and passing it off as cute.

  • If 17-year-olds did this (not that I think they should), it would be considered provocative. If 30-somethings do this, it’s just as corny and pitiful as middle-aged brides in white wedding gowns. And it lacks… hmmmm…. a punchline?

    If you’re looking for something funny, I recommend this film:

  • If you love Maggie Smith, have you watched “A Private Function”?

    I’ve got “Blackadder – The Whole Damn Dynasty” on DVD as well as the X-mas and New Year’s specials. 🙂

  • I feel so uncultured. I’ve never seen either of these but might have to give “Black Adder” a looky. It is Monty Python-inspired humor?

    Btw, i fell in love with Maggie Smith in the “The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie” (it’s a guilty pleasure!)

    Thanks for the recommendations froylein!

  • ck loves Blackadder as well if I’m not mistaken (he and I apparently share a sense of humour apart from the obvious exception); it’s a satirical, black-humoured TV series on four different eras in British history (Middle Ages, Renaissance, the time of Charles II, WW1).

    Michael Palin (Sir Galahad 😉 ), one of the Pythons, stars in “A Private Function”.

    I take it you know “A Fish Called Wanda” and “Fierce Creatures”?

  • I do indeed love Blackadder as well as Fawlty Towers, Python, Michel Boujenah, Avner Dan and… Sarah Silverman. I was gonna blog this but beth beat me to the punch. Oh well… I have other surprises in store though. Or more of my regular crap. Whatever.

  • This is so funny, especially with the on going Kimmel – Damon feud. Froylein, sorry you don’t get it, but it was your comment that was pitiful (as was your comment about brides, what pedastal have you placed yourself on?)

  • Not to get all girlpower here, but no picking on the froylein. Opinions are like aholes and everyone’s got one, so move on.

    Loved “A Fish Called Wanda” but don’t know “Fierce Creatures”…re: Python and Towers: My husband always asks me how I can be so into Ricky Gervais comedy and not really dig Monty Python humor. I guess maybe if i really tried immersing myself into it I would find it more humorous.

    Not sure…

  • This is moving through cyberspace like wildfire– I just got it from a couple of friends of mine, courtesy Arianna Huffington, of all people. I can confirm that Sarah has a major following here in the gentile community.

  • TST, I might get it, but still don’t find it funny. The simile apparently was indigestible for you though.

    “Wir leben alle unter dem gleichen Himmel, aber wir haben nicht alle den gleichen Horizont.” (Konrad Adenauer)

    “The Flying Circus” as well as a few of the Python films might be likened to abstract art – one can learn all kinds of theories about it, but it depends on each individual piece if it appeals to you or not.

  • Blackadder rules! As does Mr. Bean. Haven’t seen any of the bean movies, though.

    Some Python is brilliant beyond words, some not so much. But that is only to be expected. The Holy Grail, at least the first half, is one of the funniest things ever put on film. It breaks down a bit towards the end.

    Fawlty Towers is hilarious, but so painful I can only watch it in small doses.

    I also love the TV adaption of P.G Wodehouse’s Jeeves and Wooster stories (although the books are far better).

    “A Fish Called Wanda” was brilliant; “Fierce Creatures” was a total failure, not the slightest bit funny.

    What’s this about a Kimmel/Damon feud?

  • Has anybody watched “Eric the Viking”? It starred Tim Robbins and Johns Cleese (and a few more better-known British comedians)? “Time Bandits” was pretty dull to me as well as “Yellowbird”, a film about a pirate starring a few Pythons.

    Ephraim, for some reason I do get worried that you and me could actually share a laugh. 😉 BTW, you might find this just as amusing as me, the chap who played Baldrick on Blackadder now makes appearances as a preachery journalist / journalistic preacher on a Christian satellite TV station. I was zapping through channels, and, recognizing his face, got stuck for a few minutes. I was somewhat waiting for him to say, “I’ve got a cunning plan.”

  • froylein and Ephraim– make sure to check out the UK version of The Office (not that the US knockoff is bad)– Ricky Gervais is ‘painful’ to watch, too.

  • Sarah Silverman is F***ing Matt Damon?

    Thank heavens–the rest of womenkind are spared that burden.

    I don’t know how that bland, big-jawed, tiny-eyed football-looking guy ever became famous. It’s probably thanks to Middle America, or something.

  • Thanks to his ability to not take himself all that seriously (remember his guest spot on Will and Grace, singing “Let’s Hear It For the Boy”?) I think Matt Damon’s dreamy. How about them apples?

  • Giyoret, come now. I’m sure an intelligent woman such as yourself is aware that a rather sizable proportion of womankind would relish the so-called burden of f**king Matt Damon.

    Certainly, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I must say I’m surprised. Matt Damon has always seemed to me like a such a likeable (not to mention smart and talented) guy. It had never occurred to me that he could arouse such ire.

  • Perhaps I am in the minority, I don’t know. (oh, and uh..womankind. I know. Didn’t reread.)

    I’m just not crazy about those kinda Irish-y looking, frat boy lughead types. Heismann (sp?) trophy winner-looking guys. Maybe I know them too well and they’ve never appealed to me, they seem really homogenous and dull, not too bright yet strangely smug. Obviously it takes all kinds to make a world, so maybe I’m too hard on him but..meh.

    I’ll take the shorter, smaller, articulate guy with a good sense of humor. Know who I’ll take? Hank Azaria. There you go.

  • Giyoret, I agree with you. The, as they would be considered over here, boorish looks do not appeal to me either. I don’t know him in person, and he doesn’t get lots of scandalous news coverage over here like other celebrities, so I can’t tell what kind of person he is, but his looks would not be considered attractive over here. I used to think that part of his success was that he wasn’t perfect-looking, thus his male audience could identify better with him.

  • Are we talking about the same Matt Damon? The one I’m thinking of IS a fairly small, articulate guy with a great sense of humor. There’s no accounting for taste, but I think you’re judging the guy purely on his looks.
    Hank Azaria is hot! You’ll get no argument from me. Incidentally, according to IMDb, Azaria is taller than Damon. Ha! I think that fact rather nicely illustrates that most of this is a matter of our perceptions and prejudices, and ultimately has very little to do with who and what these people actually are.

  • I think this just shows that it’s all about looks. The odds of really getting to know an A-list Hollywood actor are pretty low, but if somebody pursues their job there without any major scandals, I suppose they’re normal and nice enough. (As for the quality of entertainment services, look at today’s pop starlets and you’ll easily see they sell looks, not music.)

  • Of course, this is all about public persona, and being representative of a type, so in real life Matt might be completely wonderful. I just don’t go for the type and knowing so many like that makes me kinda not like him. He seems boring. And not such a sparkling wit.

    Come to Philly, you can have all the Matts you want. 🙂

    Now Hank, whatever size he is—I’m there. Wouldn’t it be hard not to make him do Moe all the time?

  • As an Irish-looking, slow-witted lughead and former Heisman Trophy winner who’s sick and tired of being judged on his looks, I represent these remarks.

  • It’s not necessarily all about looks, but it’s definitely a matter of exposure and persona. I have simply been exposed to Matt Damon in media (Fresh Air, Inside the Actor’s Studio) that gives me a different perception of who he might be than someone who was exposed to him in other forms. I’d like to clarify that Matt Damon is not at all my physical “type.” But obviously he represents different “types” to different people. I think this is all very interesting. I actually spend a lot of time thinking about perception.
    As for Hank Azaria – I wouldn’t really want to spend any time with a person who has done the Simpsons for so long. To me, that represents a moronic, sophomoric, low-brow humor that wears thin quickly, if not instantly. Some of my favorite people are Simpsons fans, though, so go figure.

  • Tommy, I’m ½ Celt myself, and probably somewhat look it.
    I would never get tired of Hank, or his voices, or anything. He seems fun, and he’s done Broadway, not just the Simpsons.
    If you run into him, throw him my way, Ofri!

  • First the Patriots, now Matt Damon. This Boston-bashing has got to stop.

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