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  • There is a God GM but if this win helps you see that than BaruchHashem. My own feeling was that this win solidified my beleif in mida kneged mida. Jewish ying-yang. The Patriots committed a major offense by taping and were slapped on the wrist. They thought that they had this disgrace behind them. Alas, their cheating, led to their royal undoing. How poetic that they lost so much, after cheating. If they were in it at 17-1, there would have been less ridding on their victory. So fate had it that they would go undefeated until the very end, and then suffer defeat.

  • I’m tempted to agree, Rabbi, but is it divine justice if the winner’s a team from… Gemorrah?

  • “What human beings have fought for and stormed citadels, what the ecstatics exultantly announced — that is not to be. It will be taken back. I will take it back.”

    “I don’t quite understand, dear man. What will you take back?”

    “The Ninth Symphony.”

  • Hah, I was deliberating between ‘Ode an die Freude’ or the ‘Hallelujah’ chorus by Händel, but since the above version of the former was conducted by a Yid, the ultimate choice was obvious.

  • Schiller was Pantheist afterall; he didn’t believe in a superior, divine being, but that everything was “soaked” with divinity as a concept different from divinity in creation.
    I was also looking into Taizé versions of Halleluyah, but couldn’t find a proper one on YouTube.

  • I’m with Schiller up to a point– I figure I’m soaked with divinity, not sure about everyone else.

  • Well, for the Jewish angle on this, the Kraft family (which owns the Patriots) are big time philanthropists in the Jewish community here in Boston.

  • In this context Tom’s less interested in Schiller than he is in Schilling.

    Tom – we give you everything you need… EVERYTHING!! We give you the cream of our crop (except Johann – but if you just would’ve given up Ellsbury and Lester)… anyways, do you agree this is G-d’s way of making a statement on greed?

    Hey, I’ve felt your pain much more than I’ve felt your pleasure (pro sports-wise)… but I do want to congratulate you on a wonderful season.

  • Thanks, ramon– you know, one thing the Pats have taught me this year is that it’s no fun being the top dog. Perpetual success is boring. And most of the country ends up hating you and relishing your downfall.

  • Tom, I’ll still like you if you make $150,000,000,000,000,000,000 a year, year after year.

  • Back to football. That the family that owns the Patriots is Jewish only fuels my argument. And when divine justice happens Tom we don’t know why one group wins or loose. The Giants were the right ones at the right time.

  • …And the GM of the Red Sox, Theo Epstein, is Jewish, too… Now you’ve got me worried. No, wait– the Sox won last year.

  • Well, the owner of my team is very Jewish. From all reports more observantly Jewish than owner of Tom’s team (a totally unverified fact with absolutely nothing to back it up).

    Actually, at one time half our starting offensive line was Jewish. So yeah, Rabbi, I get your point. I think.

  • The Jints did their homework, simple as that. They knew what the Pats were doing and stopped it. It was almost like the NY defense had the Pats’ play book. Great pressure on Brady. The Pats’ OL simply could not handle the NY rush, and Brady had no time to throw. Game over. Even when he had time, he threw a bunch of uncharacteristic bloopers. He’s lucky he wasn’t picked off a bunch more times. Not sure Hashem had anything to do with it.

    I’m a 49ers fan (sob!), and there are no Yidden involved AFAIK. I didn’t really have a dog in the hunt, but I’m glad NY won so I don’t have to listen to some Pats fan try to tell me that Brady is better than Montana (not even close).

    I’ve got to say, though, I really liked that midget wideout Welker that the Pats have. It’s hard not to root for a little white dude in a skill position like WR. There are so few of them left.

    But in retrospect, I’m glad the Pats lost. So far, the 49ers are the only team in history to have gone to, and won, 5 Superbowls. They are probably going to suck for quite a long time yet, and they may never again reach the greatness they once had, but at least I have the DeBartolo-Walsh-Montana-Young years to remember.

    Ramon: Jewish starting offensive OL lineman? What? Who were they?

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