Well, at one point, he was considered Presidential material. Right now, he’s wondering whether he can keep his family together, his governorship and any semblance of a political career. Ouch!

Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who gained national prominence relentlessly pursuing Wall Street wrongdoing, has been caught on a federal wiretap arranging to meet with a high-priced prostitute at a Washington hotel last month, according to a law enforcement official and a person briefed on the investigation.

Mr. Spitzer, a first term Democrat, today made a brief public appearance during which he apologized for his behavior, and described it as a “private matter.” He did not address his political future.

“I have acted in a way that violates my obligation to my family and violates my or any sense of right or wrong,” said Mr. Spitzer, who appeared with his wife Silda at his Manhattan office. “I apologize first and most importantly to my family. I apologize to the public to whom I promised better.”

“I have disappointed and failed to live up to the standard I expected of myself. I must now dedicate some time to regain the trust of my family.”

Before speaking, Mr. Spitzer stood with his arm around his wife; the two nodded and then strode forward together to face more than 100 reporters. Both had glassy, tear-filled eyes, but they did not cry.

I can’t imagine how you would explain something like this to one’s wife or how the wife can walk on to that podium for the press conference. We’ve seen this before with McGreevey and I couldn’t understand it.

For this to happen to Spitzer is just shocking. Of all the stupid thing he could do to break people’s confidence in him, this has to be among the stupidest.

There may be more information, although I haven’t verified it. It appears he paid $4300 to a call girl named Kristin. It also seems that as Attorney General he pursued prostitution rings. If he’s going to have a mid-life crisis, couldn’t he just buy a red Porsche instead of doing this? A mistress would not have destroyed him, but a call girl would…and probably has.

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  • Haha. Yeah, like giving illegals drivers licenses or hiking up taxes on all internet purchases were good ideas? Or being a diarist on Daily Kos? hmmm.

    Spitzer is yet another hypocritical leftist Jew who gives the rest of us bad names. Like Natalie Portman, who wears cashmere sweaters but is a member of PETA. Like Sarah Jessica Parker giving an award to and standing by happily next to the director of Paradise Now while he promoted moral relativism and anti-Israel propaganda. Like John Stewart for bashing America, and hiding behind his audience when Jonah Goldberg cut through his schtick like a knife through butta. Like Pink, Kurshner, Sandy Berger, and the rest.

    Maybe Silda will win “Woman of the Year Award” and become NOW’s spokeswoman for “standing by her many” like Hillary did.

    A real woman would kick his ass to the curb and take the money he earned though cronyism and corruption.

  • Drum roll, please– and now, ladies and gentlemen, the first African-American…. governor of the State of New York.

  • Wow Alex, that’s harsh. And lumping him in together with:

    Natalie Portman
    Sarah Jessica Parker
    John Stewart
    Sandy Berger


    I’m wondering if the post even had to be published for comparisons as bizarre as this. I was just going to limit any potential snarkiness to asking Middle how this might affect Spitzer’s presidential endorsement. To your credit, Middle, I had a hunch you would post on this, but despite the utterly shocking nature (or perhaps because of it) of Spitzer’s apparently monstrously flawed indiscretions (not to mention hypocrisy), I still feel bad for the guy, especially given the fact that who’d of thunk it. Wow how the mighty have fallen. I feel bad for his wife for having to go up there and accompany him during the press conference.

  • Damn. It’s one thing to be cheated on. It’s another to be cheated on with a hooker (some ways better, some ways worse, either way, I’d be filing for divorce immediately), but yet, it’s got to be horrible to be cheated on with someone so damned expensive, AND to find out your husband wanted to have the dirty sex. :0 How bad was the sex at home anyway? Of course, loking at the guy, I could understan why he has to pay!

    How could his wife stand to stand by him? Unless she knows she’ll be running for senator or some other political position soon and will need his backing in the future. 🙂

  • “Politics is the only area where you can die and be reincarnated in the same lifetime.” Abba Eban (allright the quote might not be exact but it’s close).

  • You all are going to think I’m naive, but..I just don’t get the hookers thing. Really. Just imagine the gross, ugly, diseased people who have been putting their slimy thingies in the same spot as you are..blech.

    He could have just met his wife someplace, taken her to a hotel, did whatever and paid her, if that floats his boat.

    Or, alternatively, he could have just boffed some random woman, and that would be that.

    The wife has been seriously ill-advised. There is nothing noble about appearing publically. First, because your husband is a nobody. Second, it is a private matter as regards to you. Thirdly, because there is no reason to support your husband who is going to hookers and coming back home to you.

    Everyone is so self-important these days, aren’t they?

  • How is he supposed to be for fiscal responsibility when he is spending 4gs ++ on some sexy time. I mean come on look at him he looks like he’s good for 10min at best. I always wonder what possesses men like him. He is constantly in the limelight has many enemies etc. Why would he risk it, at least while he is in office. Remember a little while back he was all over Hevesi for using his personal tax payer funded transportation to take his wife places. At least he wasn’t possibly giving his wife some STDs or something.

  • Giyoret, I’m going to take a stab at your challenge and point out that what’s good for the goose is evidently good for the gander. We could certainly ask about all the questionable sexual desires and practices of women we’ve all known – why the mere culture of sexualized alcohol and inebriation that pervades college campuses and beyond comes to mind, and that doesn’t sound too safe. It’s not the men I see saying that they need to pharmacologically suspend their state of consciousness and reality just to enjoy sex. And while we’re trying to make sense of bizarre and potentially unhygenic sexual practices and the thrill that many people seem to get out of them, why are there women choosing to make the salary of a waitress through prostitution in the first place? I mean, I know that being a waitress or some other minimally-paying job ain’t great, but I thought we were talking about safety, or safely floating some kind of a boat, or something.

    As for the wife appearing with him, that’s how politics works in America. Am I naive for wondering why she would do that? No, just thinking less like an American. I mean, what is it about the thrill of being involved with a politician? You’re going to think I’m naive, but…

  • Thanks Middle, I did read it– after a hearty chuckle at the idea that a woman 5’5 and 105 lbs. could be anything but an emaciated cadaver on her last legs (men/the writers are so in the dark about women’s weight and BTW 5’5 is not petite) I still wonder about this. I still think he could have found another source–maybe he wanted to get caught.

  • M_U_L: I was being moderated so your post hit when mine did–

    I did actually laugh at your description: the offhand way you mention all the women and their questionable practices! 🙂

    It’s been a long day and I’m fuzzy. I don’t know why women become prostitutes, but maybe if you’re attractive it’s more lucrative than screwing your unemployed t-shirt designing boyfriend for the same amount of effort? Sure, he’s only a singular font of disease :D, but … maybe the payoff is good. As for your run-of-the-mill streetwalker, that has to be mental illness, despite romantic South American novellas to the contrary. No one wants to be that. At any rate, for her it’s a job, and for him it’s pleasure. Too tired to draw a conclusion.

    I don’t understand the thrill of being with a politician either. They are generally not attractive and weasely to boot. I still think she looked ridiculous standing by– any woman with brains and guts would pat him on the back, tell him he’s on his own, and fade away so she could rebuild her life. A stupid woman like this really thinks she’s some pivotal character in a soap opera. She is hardly keeping her composure while her little son salutes his father’s casket. This is a tawdry scandal and she should refuse to be involved.

    That’s what your old pal Giyoret would do. (And she would never be a hooker, either–unless it was just to spice things up 😉 )

  • Hey Montana, sorry, I thought you were out on other Jewish blogs telling their readers about how great Obama and his anti-Likud posse are for Israel. Did you cry when Samatha Power(s) was given the boot?


    “You all are going to think I’m naive, but..I just don’t get the hookers thing. Really. Just imagine the gross, ugly, diseased people who have been putting their slimy thingies in the same spot as you are..blech.”

    Sorry, but when your customers pay 4+ Gs, you’re limiting your clientèle to typically cleaner people. I’m sure a high paid prostitute and her clients have a lot less chance of getting an STD than some crack ho in the ghetto who’s missing teeth. (I heard they’re preferred that way by the way) :). Not only are her clients typically cleaner, but there are probably fewer of them. I don’t get the hooker thing either. What better way to feel like a chump than to have to pay for sex? If he was at all a player, he’d pick up cougars at hotel bars, have sex with them, and make THEM pick up breakfast.

    “I still think she looked ridiculous standing by– any woman with brains and guts would pat him on the back, tell him he’s on his own, and fade away so she could rebuild her life.”

    Haha. I take it Hillary’s not your candidate? 🙂 Sometimes, standing by your cheating husband can get you nominated for POTUS, but maybe I’m still just having a nightmare.


    “How is he supposed to be for fiscal responsibility when he is spending 4gs ++ on some sexy time. ”

    It’s a free market thank g-d. If you can afford to pay that much for sex, or a car, or a house, then it’s your right to provide yourself with the high quality amenities in life, that you’ve worked hard to earn for yourself. I don’t fault anyone for how much they spend on anything if they can afford it and truly want it.

    With that said, if he spent his constituents’ tax dollars on hookers, then I consider it grand larceny and he should rot in prison, like Kwami Kilpatrick, here in Detroit, should. Of course he had a hooker whacked, which is slightly worse, and then fired the cops investigating him. And those are just a couple of his skeletons. I wonder who he supports for president. Just a hunch. Montana?

    Now, we are aware that he (Spitzer) is a Democrat, not to mention an idiot, a poor father/husband, and a terrible example of a Jew. ( I thin Lashon Harah went out the window at the anal sex without a condom part, or am I misunderstanding the transcript?) Did Democrats start going around claiming fiscal responsibility while I was out collecting my welfare check, getting free healthcare, and getting free admission to a school I wasn’t qualified for?

  • I certainly wish there were more women who thought like you do (and were as outspoken about it) around these parts, Giyoret.

    But since there aren’t (or only so many) and since I basically agree with you, the only thing I think we need to keep in mind is that there are others involved in this one. The Spitzers have three teenage daughters (13, 15 and 17 years old). Maybe Spitzers’ wife will want a divorce. Until she decides that, though, in the meantime I can perfectly understand wanting to stand by while assessing what’s there that can be salvaged. If not, then not. And if she’s just in it for the thrill of the slimy politician, then I suppose the joke’s on her. Although in fairness, this was shocking because of the kind of character Spitzer projected. And I suppose that’s what could have made his vice all the more enticing. Too bad.

  • I thought that maybe he should have resigned for about one second, then I remembered David Vitter and Larry Craig. They already set the precedent for staying, so why not Spitzer? Or is it because he’s a Democrat?

  • They should all resign. It’s dirty and lowers the bar for what’s acceptable from our elected politicians.

  • Wondering: while the divorce rates over here are considerably lower than in the US, quite a few of our leading politicians have been re-married several times. Also, there are a few top-rank homosexual politicians. How would that fare in the US if at all?

  • Oh, BTW, Giyoret, I know clothing standards in the US vary widely from brand to brand, but over here, if you’re below 5’6″, you’re advised to shop in the petite section. (Adults heights below 5′ qualify as dwarfism, which means you’re entitled to certain handicap-benefits.) Or you go to a fancy shmancy boutique where they don’t even have sizing labels and blissfully believe what the sales assistant flatteringly tells you about your size. 🙂

  • Why Spitzer and not Craig (who also should’ve resigned)? Because he violated Federal law (one which most people and all prosecutors know about) that subjects him to felony prosecution. Eliot may also have used public funds to pay for his five-diamond partner. If he’d simply solicited a prostitute in NY– or just had a humdrum fling with a staffer– he’d not be in the very, very deep do-do he’s in at the moment.

    Oh, and a felony conviction (I’m assuming– I’m not admitted in NY) means you lose your ticket. He may want to look into alternative careers.

  • Didn’t Craig perjure himself? Isn’t that a federal offense?

    Using public funds for a high priced lay clearly should make you invalid for office. But the mere fact that you slept with a hooker, after years of successful and useful work in public office is more a reflection on the stupidity of american prostitution laws than anything else.

  • Tom,

    It will be interesting to see what kind of details come out – I’m sure you know more about how it could play out than I do at this point. Although whispers of a plea bargain are floating about.


    I don’t know where else you “caught” me, and although I’m less into Obama now than a few months ago, this development can’t really help Hillary all that much. But such are the sorts of concusions one reaches when you independently think through decisions based on facts instead of sound bites and either/or dichotomies. Sorry if that throws off your game and whatever pointless speculation you have in mind regarding the irrelevant politics of the lost city of Detroit.

  • Muffti: yeah, but he imported NY talent while in DC, which is a great way to promote his state’s economy but stupefyingly dumb from the point of view of, oh, avoiding the big house.

  • Yeah, Middle, though it varies state by state. Here in Mass., any felony conviction will result in prosecution by the Board of Bar Overseers. In some states, the felony conviction has to involve truth-telling (e.g. mail fraud) or misappropriation of money (which, I suppose, could suggest an atty. can’t be trusted with client funds). Of course, the atty. gets due process, inclusive of right of appeal.

  • Wow, that would be one harsh punishment if he can’t practice law any more after such an influential career as AG. Then again, I believe he comes from an affluent family, so he won’t starve. Heck, as of right now, he’s still governor.

  • I’ve got to assume that’s as important to ES as anything else right now– retaining the asset that is his license.

  • While on the topic, can the lawyer-ish types here explain to muffti why paying a woman for sex liek Spitzer is illegal but paying a woman to have sex on film for distribution isn’t?

  • Muffti, is the benefit of going to grad school that you can ask these questions or that somebody else who went to grad school can answer them?

  • A bit of this and that:
    @Alex, regarding call girls vs. crack hoes:
    “Not only are her clients typically cleaner, but there are probably fewer of them.”
    That sounds to me like a relative number; she is certainly more active than the average woman, and exposed to a lot more bodily fluids. Multiply her customers by the various prostitutes they visit and their other customers, and clean isn’t the word I’d use to describe any of them, quite frankly.

    As for cougars–given his age, she’d have to be pretty old to be even older. You do know, BTW, that the whole cougar fantasy is entertained not by grown men, but by barely legal frat boys who are delusional enough to think that their youth not only makes them desirable but good in bed? (That was just a public service announcement. Hot older women should not be trading their experience for the sub-par fumblings and porn-inspired “technique” of young studs. :))

    Montana, I hear you, but I don’t think it’s a good mesage to give her daughters. At least one of them is going to grow up and one day ask, “Mom, what were you thinking??” People, not just women, should refuse to stand for that kind of disrepect.

    Froylein: wow. I’m 5′ 4 1/2 and feel completely normal, not short at all. Although, I have noticed that college kids are really tall, and when around them I often think, “What are these people EATING?” ( I also wonder if it takes the fun out of wearing heels!)

    And Muffti: I am not a lawyer, but I would suppose that the difference is the money is paying people to allow you to film them having sex, and not paying someone to have sex with you. Just a thought, and maybe a real lawyer can weigh in.

    (Really though, where are the lawyers on here? And the doctors? and media moguls?? Don’t *real* Jews read this blog?)


  • Way to think like a lawyer, Giyoret! Though I certainly agree with muffti– all participants in porn should be prosecuted and sent straight to prison.

  • I once read that the porn industry in the US makes a few billions every year – which translates into taxes. Prostitution supposedly is more difficult to track down. Don’t forget the Puritan background; if it earns you (the state) money, it’s a sign of divine grace.
    Over here, prostitution is not only legal, but you can officially register it as a business; then you’re subject to regular health check-ups and paying taxes. There’s illegal prostitution though as well when women / youths are forced into prostituting themselves.

  • If Spitzer had real compassion, he wouldn’t have opted for the high-end Emperor’s Club, but helped out a poor girl from Lviv or Chisinau instead.

  • Middle, that is a false dilemma! Muffti would show you but its really one of his TAs jobs to do so 🙂

    Sheesh, Giyoret, that sounds like a distinction without a difference. Say Muffti makes a porn move and pays women to get filmed having sex and then decides to star in it himself. and say then he decides the movie sucked and not to distribute it. Are you telling Muffti that there is a real diff between that and just paying a girl to have sex with you?!?

  • Let’s examine this, Dr. Muffti. Please, come into my clothes-optional sukkah and make yourself comfortable. (Whoa! Nice first prize ribbon, btw!)

    I don’t think it matters if it is distributed or not; like fake self-employment, you just have to set things up so it appears you are running a business. I suppose it hinges on what kind of an agreement it is as well: if you contract in whatever way to pay someone to film her having sex, you are paying for her performance and not your enjoyment. Also, is her regular line of work as a hooker or as a porn actress? And if it is filmed, you then have a physical product for which you paid money. If there is no film you are paying for the service. I am sure intention enters into it; even of you decide not to distribute it, your agreement was based on making a product, and her service was just part of production.
    Even if you, Muffti, are a participant in making that product, the pleasure is just a by-product, and not the focus. That’s the way it could be argued, I think.
    (Hold on, I’m just going to dim the lights a second…you’re not cold are you? Your ribbon is shrinking..)

  • way to twist Muffti’s words, morrissey 🙂 He of course meant that prostitution should be legal and made more safe for all, not that porn actresses should be prosecuted for ‘practicing their love’. In any case, if it’s taxes that are at issue, legalized prostitution would bring in plenty. Spitz apparently spent nearly 80Gs and at 5000$ a pop, the whole iraq war might be paid for with in a few weeks at the rates the Emperor’s Club charges!

  • It all boils down to the most basic human flaws: arrogance and greed. The more powerful they become, the more they think they are above the law. Please, his wife knew damn well that extra money was coming in from someplace, she’s no dummy. And every politician’s wife knows that their husband frequents prostitutes and they know when they get engaged they will have to look the other way, just like Jackie Kennedy looked away from JFK’s indiscretions. Politicians make strange bedfellows. Bill Clinton at least was smart enough to get his blowjobs from a nice Jewish girl with an education in the privacy of the Oval Office without having to pay cash…

    Of course he will be disbarred if convicted. No biggie, he wouldn’t have ran for Gov if he enjoyed lawyering.

    Alex, don’t get me started on hypocritical Right Wing Jews or you will find the list of Rabbis who were child molesters in prominent institutions of Holy Learning published here and it is not short.

    Giyoret, “boffing some random woman” is not that easy for these men. It involves having to take her out for dinner first. It also may involve a costly subscription to JDate (without a pic) and having to screen through numerous profiles…

  • I haven’t read any of the comments, but I think when a politician is elected to office, why not set up a special discretionary fund solely for sexual escapades?

    Too many people are doing, and too many people are getting caught. Just let em throw some dough at a few hookers, and forget about the whole thing.

  • I take back my previous statement. If it’s true that Spitzer used tax money for hookers, then forget resignation, he needs to go to jail. That’s MUCH worse than Vitter and Craig.

  • I only wish his political misadventures such as proposing driver’s licenses for illegal aliens, his support of that pork barrel congestion pricing scheme and suits against gun manufacturers for the intervening actions of unrelated individuals got as much attention as where he sticks his d!ck. Good riddance!

    As for his wife and kids. Rest assured his wife will never face the “horror” of getting a job. As for his three kids, they’ll be propped up and pampered like he was. Daddy or Grandpa will buy them a fashion magazine or a PR firm to soothe their pain.

    After all, who hasn’t been disappointed by one parent’s treatment of the other. However, when you are middle class, you have to shake off your disappointment and compete with ten others for a job at the mall so that you can pay for tuition and books at a school you really deserve to be admitted to. You have to keep up those grades because there is no affirmative action for you. And better make a sandwich because there is no free lunch program you qualify for.

    And then when you graduate you have to search for a job, any soul killing job so that you can pay your rent and student loans and taxes for the rest of your life to support the worthless burdens who are probably the recipients of Spitzer’s social programs.

  • To summarize, pimps & johns have more fun that Governors.

    The real asset Spitzer lost was his share in the Prostitution Ring. Not only was it probably bringing him in a large amount of tax free cash, it sure as shit was more fun and exciting than having to deal with State Budget concerns.

    Giyoret…I challenge you to a debate about the worthiness of Frat boys in a separate thread. I’ll take a Sig Ep guy over a 44 year old Jdate divorced “man” anyday …if he couldn’t please his wife why should I assume he can please me? At least college boys are willing to learn.

  • I think his only regret is that he was caught. I hope they throw the book at him, he deserves it.

  • Thanks for the heads up, Tom. Now I just have to decide to which class I belong. May I borrow your upper middle class status for a while?

  • Pleeeease. Guys join frats specifically because they have no friends and are terrible at sex. The the idiot women who join sororities come over, get drunk, and have sex they think is good. Us independents, while in school, had to actually employ “techniques” to lure and satisfy women. And that’s another reason why I’d never frequent a hooker. I didn’t need to pay for friends nor for sex in college.

    Chutzpah, please go right ahead. I’m not religious, so I have no problem with you airing some rabbi’s dirty laundry. You may consider the religious as right wing, but I can’t consider them conservatives for two reasons:

    1. Most live off of handouts from their congregation.
    2. Most are anti-abortion, and expect the state to limit women’s freedom of choice. Kill all of the pre-human cells, zygotes, etc., you need I say, I don’t want to pay for them anyway. Humans are overrated in general.

    So let me rephrase that. Spitzer was just another idiot, hypocritical, liberal Jew, prosecuting people for the very thing he enjoyed. Kinda like the Hollywood Jews preaching about saving the environment while jet-setting and owning several homes. Sure, they HAVE to jet around to tell us ordinary dimwits about how our sky is falling. My problem with them isn’t their personal choices (I can’t wait to have several homes, SUVs, and private jets of my own parked on my lawn, which used to be some poor chumps house I bought and destroyed for my runway, and if I had no game and wasn’t married, I’d fly in hookers from all over the world with no moral reservations), my problem is with their holier than thou hypocrisy. I hope Spitzer is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I hope his idiot wife gets every penny, makes it to Time’s Woman of the Year, runs for Senator of New York, and eventually for president. There are enough idiots and idiot Jews who will vote for her anyway. Why not, it worked for Hillary.

  • Dude, I didn’t call you filthy or rich, merely of the upper end of the middle class. I just assumed that because of your profession. 😉

  • Everyone’s a little Lear-like on this site– ranting and raving to no real purpose….

  • How does that make Poor Tom feel?

    BTW, Patrick Stewart is starring in Macbeth on Broadway from 29 March till 24 May.

    As for ranting and raving, look forward to the posts I’ve got in petto. 🙂

  • No, in this case, the use of “random” is perfectly fine, Middle. He boffed her on purpose, but she could have been any woman. He didn’t boff her accidentally while he was trying to boff someone else.

  • I feel really bad for spitzer…
    I’m in no way thinking what he did is right (no matter how hot the “others” are), but who among here isn’t guilty of a bad deed or two? Granted he’s a public figure and should have been more careful but as a guy who’ve been through a shit load of trouble, I must say I feel darn lucky I’m far from being popular.
    Didn’t he think about the risks? No more than a cigarette smoker thinks of getting lung cancer, probably. That’s how we all are in our weakest and lowest points… Some just get caught with their pants down, some don’t.
    What’s more disturbing for me in cases like these though is the way the general public enjoys the downfall of promising and (pre-scandal) admired individuals. For most of us, seeing someone fall from a place we wished we were in is quite pleasing. Is it right? I dunno. Is it wrong? No idea.
    More good points were raised about this in here:

  • Just as long as I get to waste my own time, Middle, I’m good.

  • “I feel really bad for spitzer…”

    I don’t. It’s called Karma. He misused his power to “go after people” he didn’t agree with or who criticized him. He put others in jail for doing the same thing he got caught doing. Anything short of jail time for Spitzer is injustice.

    “but who among here isn’t guilty of a bad deed or two?”

    Me. It’s called a conscience, which my parents instilled in me and I’m proud to say that I could never in a million years hurt the people closest to me like that. Please feel free to dig into my past and the worst you’ll find is that I messed around with a couple of fat girls that I could never be proud of.

    “That’s how we all are in our weakest and lowest points…”

    Please do not include me with the general weak. It’s called personal responsibility and when you are at your weakest and lowest point or at your highest, it’s still you, and no one else making your decisions. I’m so tired of this “frailty of man” thing. This blaming your mistakes on others or inanimate objects like drugs, power, addiction, etc. Weak people are weak people. I feel no pity for them. Spizer can easily find Jesus and all his sins will be forgiven. That goes for rapists and murderers to. Me, I don’t have that luxury nor intend to use it.

    “For most of us, seeing someone fall from a place we wished we were in is quite pleasing.”

    I would never want to be a politician. With power comes responsibility and Spitzer only used power.

  • Let’s see, Alex..first “cougars” and now “fat girls”. Just wondering, since you present yourself as morally unblemished in your criticisms of Spitzer: what is your position on misogyny?

  • If I’m to be cast as a misogynist for using terms like “fat girls” and “cougars”, then I guess I’m a feminist for using terms “fatboy, meatheads, sissy boys, and old dirty bastards”. So be it. I’m not afraid of labels, so feel free to call me a racist for thinking Obama would make a terrible president, a mysogynist for not wanting some cry-on-demand ball breaker with kankles for a president, and a self-hating Jew for wanting Spitzer to do time. Fine by me. On top of that, feel free to add homophobic for not enjoying men having sex on film as much as a woman-man or woman-woman, an Islamophobe for thinking that playing a call to prayer 5 times a day across an American neighborhood signals the downfall of our great country, and an anti-Semite for not caring whether there are as many menorahs as Christmas tree in our local mall.

    My hatred and disdain is based on people’s behaviors and actions rather than their race, sex, sexual persuasion, creed, nationality, etc. I’m with Frank Zappa on this point:

    “Look, just because you have got that fuckin’ thing between
    your legs it doesn’t make any diference. If a girl does
    something stupid I am going to call her just as I would a

    Hey, fat girls need love too. 🙂

  • Nice to return to “love”, because that’s what this story is all about. A powerful, famous man; a girl from the other side of the tracks with a heart of gold.

  • Aw Morrissey. When you put it that way, the 80000$ price tag seems so insignificant. In a city of 8,000,000, it’s only 1c per person!!

    And jersey is the other side of hte river, not the tracks.

  • Muffti, alas, knows well the terrible prejudice against New Jersey that’s rife in our society.

  • You say potato, Alex, and I say potahto. Using labels that are derogatory, in a context of shame, ain’t exactly neutral. (Weren’t you embarassed about being with “fat girls”? The ones you used your vaunted “techniques” to lure and “satisfy”? )

    The fact that you are embarassed about another person’s weight or behavior because you see it as a reflection on YOU is a very odd form of displacement. It really tells us more about you than them. And I know it doesn’t change anything, but women in general tend to be much more forgiving about men, and I really had to respond to your nastiness.

    So Tom, did you get a load of the brother and her friends in various interviews? She kept such good company , aside from the governor! So shocking to hear of her drug addiction and abuse, when in the hierarchy of hookers she was clearly top shelf– so clean, so different.

  • Clearly seven-diamond material, Giyoret. I doubt she encounters that many gay guys in the Emperor’s Club, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if she’s the next Judy Garland.

  • Giyoret, the way to chide a man of Russian background is to call him by the Russian petform of his name (with a grave look for added emphasis), so in this case:


  • Froylein,

    Thanks, that’s my name, don’t wear it out! 🙂


    Wow. Please lighten up. Sure, I’m coarse and overbearing, I can agree to that. But nastiness? Come on. I used to be fat when I was younger and with the exception of people with thyroid problems and other diseases, being overweight is a direct result of lack of personal responsibility; poor eating habits, inactivity, and general laziness. It’s mostly a choice and not something you are born with such as height and ugliness. So I’m hard on myself when I gain weight and I’m hard on my friends and family, those whom are overweight. Get up and do something we say, and you’ll thank me for it later. Some people like to be overweight, and I respect them for that as well. But please don’t give me the “I can’t help it” bit, as you certainly can if you want to.

    I’m not embarrassed about being a former chubby-chaser. I’ve always been attracted to more veluptuous women, though my wife has a ballerina’s body thanks to her pilates regimen and good genes. I’m always trying to stay sexy for her and though I know she’d still love me the same, I think I owe it to her to keep a nice figure. Besides, I think it keeps the sex life more active that way. So when I said the only skeletons in my closet were some fat girls I messed around with (mind you, I didn’t say slept with, I was way too inexperienced at that time), in hindsight, I felt like I may have dropped below my “league” so to speak, and my goal has always been to reach beyond my league. Like Albert Brooks says in Defending Your Life, “My wife was too good looking for me, I always believe you should only jump up one league level, otherwise your doomed” or something to that effect.

    Lastly, to your comment about women being more forgiving than men about looks, I completely agree. I could never admit this to myself when I was younger, but having dated for years and seeing various couples together, I think this has a lot to do with money and women’s priorities as compared to men’s. Men are visually guided and need to make impressions, with their cars, homes, and women primarily. When you have all three nice things, most guys have considered themselves as successful. Women on the other hand are more concerned with security and a fat guy who makes a lot of money and can protect them and their kids usually makes a better husband than some six pack packin heart-throb bartender. Of course, for casual sex, I’m sure most women would be lying if they said they’d go with the fat guy.

    Anyway, for me, this conversation is all in fun and complete honesty, I don’t expect you to agree nor do I expect you to get offended. Sorry if you do/did, but that won’t change the things I believe.

  • Da, Sashka..

    some six pack packin heart-throb bartender

    All that and straight?

    Just kidding.

    But there’s some truth to the line, “Love is a matter of chemistry, sex is a matter of physics.” My experience with six-pack abs guys as lovers though was that they were pretty self-possessed, thus inattentive. I’ve come to prefer racoon-shaped men.

  • Haha! I could see that from the other side now that you mention it. The hotter the girl, the less work SHE did in bed and in conversation as well. At least I’ve never had a barbie complex. Phew…

  • Racoon-shaped men!! You slay me, Froylien..haha!

    Alex, I’m fine, and I hear you about the weight thing. After I had my son I chunked up and I worked hard to slim down to my current bootylicousness. And when I see people in my own family complaining about health issues, I think, well, maybe you want to drop a few pounds to start before you think you’ve got some condition. And I’m not going to belabor this, but I think when it comes to people’s choices about the way they look, others should be neutral if they can’t be positive, but despising them is too far. While it may be because of sloth and that disgusts you, you can’t always know. In general, I don’t think hating on people for superficial reasons is a good thing (ved. anti-semitism). And anyway, it doesn’t affect you directly, so…who really cares what other people do, that’s what I say.

    Even if we don’t see eye to eye, that’s ok. 🙂

  • I guess I tried to get a rise out of people and did so, so I’ll try to be more conscientious next time. Again, I’m not trying to hate on anyone either, I’m just not that proud about every conquest. How’s that? If you saw my ex-girlfriend, you’d believe me when I say I liked plus size women. 🙂

    This all started with my disdain for victims of infidelity “standing by their man”. It just enraged me. I find infidelity as the sin of all sins. Hope we can agree on that.

  • My mother once called my brother, in a whisper, a “chubby chaser”. That phrase always makes me laugh, Alex!

    I agree, infidelity is not the greatest coping behavior when there are problems. But I think it comes out in relationships that are troubled anyway. Yeah, it stinks that you have to be vigilant and constantly take the temperature of your relationship to avoid problems, and it would be nice if you could relax and just know that your partner was there for you. But paying attention is a good thing.

    BTW, my “bootylicious” was tongue-in-cheek. I’m just normal. 😉