Earth Day? Feh! Tel Aviv’s a busy city. Just ask the voice of the city:

“Mah…hishtagatem?? We can’t be expected to take a whole day off in honor of the environment!”
“What’s that? An hour at night? Will there be music? And will the amps be powered by TA-City’s best spinning classes? OK, then.”

This conversation never took place. At least, we have no documentation thereof. But we do have a video post from Tel Aviv Man-on-the-Rehov Benji Lovitt, of, who captured some of the magic of Earth Hour for those of us who couldn’t make it there in person.

Random trivia note that I think is interesting: the band playing is Knesiat Hasechel which translates to “Church of the Mind.” Of course, this brings to mind “Church of the Poisoned Mind,” by Boy-George-fronted 80s band Culture Club. Which of course, reminds us of the song “Do You Really Want To Hurt Me,” in which Boy George famously wore a shirt with what Hebrew non-phrase on it??

That’s right people, I never waste an educational opportunity. First one to correctly guess gets…their name in lights on this blog. And by lights, I mean boldface. I do not mess around with the incentives…

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  • I don’t mind making an animated graphic that would simulate a “name in lights” effect. It’s the least we can do for someone who has such a deep knowledge of obscure Culture Club trivia. Hey didja know the drummer was Jewish? Oh my god! Why is that even relevant? I guess that can be attributable to Stuff Jewish People Like…

  • Can someone please clearly articulate what the rules of guessing games are in 2008? Is it understood that people are going to use the internet? Is there an unwritten rule of ethics barring Google?

    “Please put down the search engine….and step away from the computer.”

  • I didn’t want to promise anything I couldn’t deliver. But back in the day, the Hebrew and Culture Club connection was very shocking to a certain young dayschool student from Jersey. We didn’t have Madonna and Britney embracing Kabbalah back then, you know.

  • Culture Club’s drummer was Jewish? Civilization’s come undone since the good old days of Shelly Manne.

  • I know the drummer was Jewish, because your old pal Giyoret had her eye on him right away, he was so cute. I learned everything about him and bought all the teen magazines as soon as they came out. Which is the operative phrase, because he was, much to my chagrin, gayer than gay as..Boy George.
    So sad.

  • Boy George’s shirt reads “Culture Club” in Hebrew. It says Tarbut (Culture) Aggudah (Club). Thank you. Can’t wait to see my name in bold!

  • Actually, if I’m not mistaken, Boy George’s shirt read “Tarbuti Agudah,” which isn’t really grammatically correct Hebrew. Shouldn’t “Culture Club” be “Agudat Tarbut” in Hebrew?