If you’re a woman who reads Jewlicious, you’re probably busy. You’re juggling career with a sparkling social life, or your professional identity with your online identity. You’re picking up the kids from soccer practice or play rehearsal and checking your RSS feeds on your CrackBerry. Or maybe you’re just sitting home. But the truth is, you don’t have time to take life–and your personal needs–sitting down.

From our friends in the Promised Land comes this new product that ushers in the social moment we’ve all been waiting for: pee equality for women. Welcome, P-Mate!

Of course you will think: “Does it really work?” You will never find out when you never used the P-Mate. The first time may be a little bit strange. Maybe you have never urinated while standing up before. Yet this women’s product gives a practical solution in lots of ‘urgency’-situations and while using the P-Mate, peeing while standing upright is easier than you think in the first place. Maybe you will not succeed the first time, but remember: practice makes perfect.

So if you have an ‘urgency situation,’ please feel free to whip out the piece of P-Mate material, carefully fold it into its shape, place it in the correct evacuatorial area and relieve yourself to your bladder’s content. But don’t rush into thinking that you can just whip it out of the box and use it: “Maybe you will not succeed the first time, but remember: practice makes perfect.” These are words of wisdom for us all.

But since the product’s creators are basically saying, “this is not that easy to use and you need rehearsal time until you’re a skilled P-Mate user,” I have a request/safety message: if you are using the P-Mate for the first time, please do so in the privacy of your own home. Then, when you’re confident enough, take your stand-and-deliver product out for street testing. Well, not on the street itself, because I’m pretty sure that (despite the number of children who urinate in public when they can’t find a bathroom) that’s still illegal. But the point is, practice before you pee.

You gotta love Israel. I’m leaving in 10 days. And if I spy anyone using the P-Mate, I’m so taking pictures.
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  • These things are definitely not new. The girls in seminaries and year course had them ten years ago…someone’s a bit slow at their marketing department. =)

  • I like the part in the directions where it points out that the P-Mate can only be used once. I’m sure toilet manufacturers everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief.

  • P-mate or not, I certainly won’t try to pee my bf’s seven-letter first name into the snow.

    When I first read P-mate though, I had to think of a tamagotchi-like buddy that’ll join you to the bathroom when your best lady friend is not around.

  • re: women’s equality, you just gotta love israel… unless she’s trying to get divorced!