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  • First, CK or Esther, is Janice the woman we had dinner with years ago in NYC? Muffti recalls her going on about the 16 marriages in one year (vaguely) and remembers asking her why she thought the mere fact people get married shows that they SHOULD be together. Muffti thinks perhaps the measures of success should be a touch more sophisticated….

    Second, did anyone, and Muffti means ANYONE, sorta for a second kinda hope that at the beginning when Ilana and her friend were looking deeply at each other at the beginning and talking about relationships (or something like that) that they would spontaneously start making out?

  • i just hoped the valley girl delivery would die swiftly. i was sorely disappointed

  • I paid Janice’s sister Marsha Lerner in N.J. $200 bucks for a 45 minute consultation about 4 years ago. She was really nice and very charming, but all I got for the money was to be on her mailing list to be invited to expensive singles mixers in NJ.

    Janice’s office was somewhat snobby and said they couldn’t help me. They have extremely high fees for female clients. She goes out to find very hot women for her highly desirable male clients that pay her really high fees. She looks for thin, young pretty girls by shopping at Bendel’s for them.
    Great for High Society, not for people who find JDate’s prices high.

    Yes, once again, Judaism is all about money.