Former British prime minister Tony Blair’s sister-in-law has called Gaza a “concentration camp” and a “humanitarian crisis on the scale of Darfur.” This occurred during an interview with Former UK Labour Party MP, Hezbollah supporter and Syrian apologist George Galloway on on Press TV, a London-based Iranian English-language 24-hour news channel.

During the interview, Galloway referred to Gaza as a concentration camp and Booth thanked him for not calling it a mere prison. Demonstrating an ability to discern the difference in meaning between the term “concentration camp” and the word “prison,” Booth completely failed to discern the difference between the genocide in Darfur and the “not even remotely” Genocide in Gaza. Pictured above is Booth shopping at a modern, well stocked Gaza food shop. Pictured below are photos taken from Darfur. See? Not Genocide, Genocide! Bit of a difference I think. I know… it may seem a little subtle to some, but I suggest really studying the pictures. Or, you know, getting a clue.


Booth and other pro-Palestinian activists entered the Strip with the Free Gaza protest boats that came from Cyprus on August 23. Most of the protesters left on the same boats at the beginning of September; she and several others chose to remain in Gaza… Last month Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh presented her and 47 other international activists with Palestinian diplomatic passports.

Misleading and deceitful analogies are, sadly, par for the course for some folks…

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