Look, there may be a god and he may even be the one leading the Jewish people. But tonight he was the God of Boston.

And of course, a shout out to MOT Kevin Youkilis.

For those who don’t know, in a must win game in an elimination series where Boston is down, they were losing 7-0 in the seventh inning. Then they rallied back and won, with two outs in the ninth inning. 8-7 was the final score.

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  • As someone who was there last night, behind the Rays dugout, and stuck it out til 12:30 a.m.– seeing is believing. There is a God!

    Nice shout-out to fan favorite Youk, but don’t forget that baseball genius and tribalista, Sox GM Theo Epstein.

    btw, a proper exorcism– the Rays drop the ‘Devil’– and they rise to the top of the league. Coincidence? I don’t think so….

  • Apparently the Bostoner Rebbes prayers are being heard, or someone from Boston. My prayers for the Tigers went nowhere.

  • Hey Tom –

    Another gift… not as a resident fan of pro sports teams from (guess state name)… but also as a Jew.

    Because (for those few who have actually witnessed me in the flesh), I look a lot like I could be a relative of Youkilis. Except more like Gabe Kapler.

    With a little Gabe Kaplan thrown in.

    Tom – we could write books about this.

  • ramon– Youk’s a folk hero here– everyone’s got his #20 tee– and very popular with the babes. I can only guess at the vast success you’ve had with the other gender!

    My only misgiving about his Jewishness is that it messed up Billy Beane’s immortal nickname for him, the Greek God of Walks. (Beane just missed drafting him and desperately tried to trade for him for years.)

    Let’s write that book!