If it wasn’t patently clear before, there is now absolutely no room for doubt – Hassan Nasrallah, the ostensible leader of Hizbullah, is in fact Iran’s little bitch. This became apparent last Thursday when it was reported that Hizbullah’s new chief military commander is Muhammad Riza Zahdi, aka Hassan Mahdawi, a senior Iranian intelligence agent who used to serve in the Iranian Embassy in Lebanon. Zahdi replaces Imad Mughniyeh who was killed last February in a meticulously planned car bombing. Zahdi’s job involves coordinating weapons smuggling to Hizbullah from Syria, the construction of military positions in southern Lebanon and uh… staying alive.

According to the Jerusalem Post, this is the latest in a series of changes within Hizbullah instituted by Iran, allowing it to consolidate its control over the organization. The Iranians were clearly not pleased with Hizbullah’s decision to get into an extended conflict with Israel in 2006 – especially since it wasn’t cleared by Tehran.

“There is a real Iranian command now over Hizbullah,” a top IDF officer said at the time. “This doesn’t mean that Nasrallah is a puppet, but it does mean that whenever he pops his head out of his bunker he sees an Iranian official standing over him.”

Oy. I can’t wait to see what the little bitch does now…

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