The spectacle of Gay Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza fleeing to Israel in the face of intolerance, torture and death threats at home is now a well established fact. Most recently, a gay Palestinian from the northern West Bank village of Tamon, fearing for his life if he was deported back, petitioned the Israel High Court of Justice to allow him to stay in Israel with his Israeli boyfriend. He was granted a residency permit because the Court determined that his fears of being harmed were well founded.

But clearly that’s not the case! This was demonstrated by the Gay flag hoisted proudly on the yacht carrying 27 international activists that sailed into the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. The Yacht, chartered by the Free Gaza movement, was carrying supplies (and stuff) to the beleaguered Palestinians, in defiance of Israel’s embargo. Obviously homosexuals are very welcome in Gaza despite the fact that it is controlled by Islamic fundamentalist Hamas.

Can’t wait till the next Gaza pride parade! I’ll sell a ton of rainbow “Palestine is for Lovers” t-shirts for sure!

OK but seriously now folks… how can anyone gay support a regime that systematically victimizes homosexuals? Is there anything more innately ludicrous than the spectacle of a “liberation boat,” prominently bearing a symbol of Gay Pride, undoubtedly manned by one or a number of gay activists, steaming (so to speak) into the port of Gaza City? Well, probably the notion that conditions in Gaza are a “humanitarian crisis on the scale of Darfur.” But other than that, pretty ridiculous right?

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