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International AIDS Day in Jerusalem at the Katzeh

International AIDS Day in Jerusalem at the Katzeh

Just got back from The International AIDS Day celebrations at a bar called Katzeh in Jerusalem. Proceeds of the evening’s party went to fund the Open Clinic a medical clinic in Jerusalem that offers free, fast and confidential HIV tests run by the Jerusalem Open House. As is the custom, patrons were entertained with a Drag Queen and Drag King show that was pretty good (see photos) and the bar that hosted the event, Katzeh, had an awesome special – a large bottle of ice cold Goldstar and a shot of Arack for 18 shekels. Sweet! I figure that no matter what, everyone is (or ought to be) against AIDS – but apparently, even in this warm, welcoming and very diverse crowd, some have an issue with Canadians. Yeah. Canadians. During one of the routines, a performer talked about the commonalities between Palestinians and French Candians with the major difference being that Palestinians don’t have the equivalent of Bryan Adams and Celine Dion to apologize for.

Aw man. Bryan Adams isn’t a French Canadian! Anyhow, you can get more information about The Open Clinic and its hours of operation from the Open House Web site.

They also gave out free condoms. And boys? Given the dramatic increase in the last 12 months of cases of HIV infection amongst gay men in Israel, I urge you in the strongest way possible to use those condoms and get yourself tested regularly. What am I supposed to say now? Happy AIDS Day? Seems a bit odd… how about Happy and Healthy AIDS day!

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