I know this story is like, two weeks old, but can you blame a girl who is trying to keep up with writing a novel during National Novel Writing Month of essentially a cartoon-like Sergey Brin AND the real Sergey Brin? No.

From TechCrunch.  Also my childhood.

From The NY Times. Also from every picture taken of Soviet Jewish males from 1982-1990.

So, here’s the scoop.  Brin recently donated a hell of a lot of money (also known as $1 million)  to HIAS, the Hebrew Immigration Aid Society, which coincidentally also sponsored part of our trip over the United States and helped us get a US work visa and all that stuff.  Here’s the original New York Times story on the situation

Thirty years ago today, Sergey Brin, a 6-year-old Soviet boy facing an uncertain future, arrived in the United States with the help of the society.

Now Mr. Brin, the billionaire co-founder of Google, is giving $1 million to the society, widely known as HIAS, which helped his family escape anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union and establish itself here.

You know what?  HIAS helped us a lot, too.  But guess who needs help more than HIAS?  A certain struggling Russian Jewish novelist.   For $1 million, I will write you into my novel, Serezhenka.   Also, please divorce your wife and remarry me, leaving me privy to the riches of your new media empire.

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  • a certain russian jewish novelist needs help? I did not know Gary Shteyngart was in dire straits. i will have to send him a check. thanks for the heads up.

    * * * *

    i love HIAS, and bravo to Sergei for sending them some rubles. Of course… you know… a million to a billionaire is equal to someone with $100,000 in assets giving $100. But it is still very lovely

  • The HIAS of today has nothing to do with the HIAS of yesteryear. The vast majority of immigrants HIAS is resettling are non-Jews: http://www.thejewishweek.com/viewArticle/c39_a14935/News/International.html

    Additionally, HIAS — wildly expanding their mandate while pretending to remain a Jewish organization that serves Jewish immigrants — has employed McCarthyite tactics upon anyone who questions mass immigration, enforcement, and “family unification,” and what they did to Dr. Stephen Steinlight should discredit them as a normal organization.


    HIAS supports continued Muslim mass immigration as well. Just what we DON’T NEED.

  • Dk, I completely agree with you. Now that they’re done immigrating Soviet Jews, they’ve become pretty much a flack organization that rests on its laurels and does nothing but lobby. I completely don’t agree that we don’t need more Muslim immigrants…we need to take anyone who is willing to work hard and contributes value.

    Larry, Agree that it’s not enough, but given they don’t do much these days, they’ll take it.

    themiddle, I hadn’t, and thanks. Blahhhh. 🙂

  • I completely don’t agree that we don’t need more Muslim immigrants…we need to take anyone who is willing to work hard and contributes value.

    We have an unemployment and an underemployment in this country. Are you really unaware of that? Are you also unaware of the problems that every western country and its Jewish community especially is facing where there is a substantial Muslim population in that western country?

  • I’m aware of the unemployment problem, which has not resulted from Muslim immigration, but from poor economic policies on the part of many U.S. administrations.

    I’m not unaware of the problems Jewish communities are facing, and I’m not excusing anti-Semitic acts in European countries, particularly in France. I’m also not excusing blatant racism and discrimination against all Muslims. You can’t singly compare Muslim populations in, say, England or France, to the United States. England and France inherited their Muslim populations through the after-effects of colonization and have completely different dynamics and histories than America.

  • You are giving standard Marxist answers that do not add up. What colonization did the Muslims suffer from Sweden, Denmark, Norway? What about Canada?

    And still, there are similar problems with this immigrant population.

    Why bring these problems here even more?

    Additionally, the economic point is that we don’t have a labor shortage. We have a labor surplus.

  • Lolsies. The somelliers are indeed a beligerent sort, strict in their standards and harsh in their implementation of rules. I think I’ll end my part of the debate here because it’s clear it will be hard to come to a consensus on this issue from the two different directions.

  • Hey, I know this Jewish guy, Bernie Madoff, that fleeced hundreds out of their money. That just proves that Jews rule the world and have a big conspiracy and we should keep them down.

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    • Yeah, I somehow doubt that the real Fuad Kamal of Anaara Media would actually jeopardize his livelihood by writing something as dumb as this. Kamal is based in College Park MD, not Nile, IL. Plus do you really think a tech savvy guy like Fuad would have an AOL address? I’m happy to give up your Sprint IP address to any competent legal authority.

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  • you have never actually met a single jew in your life…have you, nazi boy