A First for Israel!

Ynet (Hebrew) just reported that Israeli band The Carsitters, recently returned from a European tour, are going to be the first Israeli band to have tracks available for console game Rockband2. Soon, you will be able to visit the Rock Band store, download the tracks (including “All Eyes on Me”) and rock out in your basement with your friends as if you were a cool power rock band from Tel Aviv. OK lets be honest, you’ll never be as cool as ROI alum and lead vocalist Noa Margalit, or frontman Yoav Rosenthal, or drummer Yoni Ohayon. Maybe you might be almost as cool as bassist Etay Maor. Maybe. But that’s the best you can hope for. At least you can always dream – you, your buddies and your console of choice. Here’s the Carsitters doing All Eyes on Me for Taglit Birthright Israel:

Remember that blast from the past? You can see a more band focused version here or you can see their latest vid “I Don’t Mind.” Either way, the Carsitters are pioneers, using console gaming to get the word out on Israeli music. OK so they’re not clearing swamps but what the fuck are you doing to present a more realistic image of Israel to the world? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

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  • It was fun to watch this video but the band really needs to work on their vocals (sorry if you know them personally). Even if English is not their native language, singing in a tone that nasal can really be a problem to the listener.