Yesterday, a story featuring Rinat Gutman was on the front page of the Ynet (Hebrew) Web site. She had been interviewed about the whole Orthodox female rapper thing that she does, and they delved a little into her family background. Turns out her Dad is a Rabbi and her Grandfather is Rabbi Joseph BaGad, a Rosh Yeshiva and colorful former MK with the right-wing Moledet and Moreshet Avot parties. The interview discussed issues relating to the extent of the prohibition against Kol Isha (a man is prohibited from hearing a woman’s voice in song) and how her family feels about her musical career. They also featured Rinat’s newest video Agas (Pear) shot last summer in London:

rinat_ynetThe talkbacks were mostly encouraging – though there was some pretty spirited discussion related to what is and isn’t “religious” etc. reminiscent of previous discussions on the topic. OK fine but, did you notice that I was credited with two photos that appeared in the article, including the bad ass pose shown here (Unisex Matte Faux Leather Hoody courtesy of American Apparel Jerusalem, of course)? So far I’ve had photos published in Heeb, YNet, Haaretz, the JTA etc. Can I now consider myself “an interdisciplinary artist and documentarian investigating post-normative forms of Jewish cultural expression?” Please? Can I?

Rinat Gutman is going to be on some Channel 2 morning show tomorrow. I don’t ever watch Israeli TV so I can’t tell you more, but it’s a big deal apparently. You can also see her perform at the Jewlicious Festival in Long Beach, California on Feb. 19th. Buy your tickets today!

Here’s the video from Rinat’s Channel 2 appearance. It’s in Hebrew but as soon as I figure out how to snarf it, I’ll upload it with subtitles. As it is I can’t even embed it even though the code is provided. Oh well. Here’s a photo from the studio interview instead:


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  • “Can I now consider myself “an interdisciplinary artist and documentarian investigating post-normative forms of Jewish cultural expression?””

    Cut to Dan saying “hey, what did I do?”

  • That’s what they call us here Tiffy. It’s not so bad. They think we’re members of a crime family so they don’t fuck with us.

  • Woohoo! Kol Ha Kavod Rinat you rock! (and Dav and Sarah translated the tv spot for me:)) awesome Chazak chazak

  • omg – her mom was my chumash teacher in high school (in toronto) and later in college (in israel). i remember her as a little girl! the question is not what her zaidey thinks – what do her ‘rents think?!

  • Utterly understand what your stance in this matter. Though Id disagree on some of the finer particulars, I think you did an superior job explaining it. Certain beats having to analysis it on my own. Thanks. Anyway, in my language, there arent a lot good supply like this.