Wellp, my Purim costume is all set.

As Purim approaches, a new poll found that the political figure whom the most Jewish Israelis want to dress up as is—drum roll, please—Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman! Over 40 percent of respondents picked the Yisrael Beiteinu leader.

Although it will be trickier than last year’s Moshe Dayan attempt.

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  • It would be a matter of pride to dress up as him. I’m glad Russian Jews finally have some power in Israel and don’t have to be grateful for their situation as they’ve been told in the past. They help to guide as well. And why not? They know firsthand what institutionalized anti-Semitism looks like and how to deal with Arabs on their terms.

  • I think I’d be more proud of him if he wasn’t being investigated for money laundering and bribery.

  • He’s a politician is he not? Part of the territory. Name one that hasn’t been investigated for something. Besides I don’t see what that as to do with his ability to lead or deal with the Arab world. Sure it’s not right, but you don’t get into politics by being clean. Look at Obama, he’s as filthy as they come.

  • I’m proud of him because he’s not some peaceniks, limp wristed Jew that’s concerned with what antisemites think of him ad our people.

  • So, just to be clear about your logic, Alex, you don’t have a problem with money laundering and bribery charges but it’s alright and you know it’s alright because Obama is “as dirty as they come.”

    Thank G/god that we can be proud of the alleged money launderer because he’s not limp-wristed.

  • I’ve never been charged with money laundering and bribery… but yes, please. We still have the presumption of innocence here, so let’s give it a rest. If he’s convicted we can call him whatever we like. Truth is, he hasn’t been nearly as batshit a Foreign Minister as the alarmists assumed he’d be. Besides, how the fuck does one dress up as Avigdor Lieberman? Do they sell Avigdor Lieberman masks in Israel? Haven’t seen any yet… what’s the alternative then? Dressing up as a Russian bouncer? That’s no fun. All you need to do is wear a long black leather coat, shave your head bald, affect a menacing posture with a gleam in your eye, hinting at your future ambitions in the world of International Diplomacy. Fun!

    Not really. I’d rather go as a Maori Tribesman! Now THAT would be bad ass! Or I can dye my hair grey, stick a huge pickle up my butt and go as Richard Silverstein! What? Too ugly? Yeah. You’re right.

  • Yeah, I agree that we can’t completely blame him unless he is convicted, but I still don’t think that gives us an excuse to assume he’s great for Israel or someone to be proud of, especially given how much ridicule he constantly receives in Israeli press that gives them a further excuse to dismiss all Russians as angry and racist. And I’ll also give you that he hasn’t been as bad for Israel as supposed, but he hasn’t been great (the whole loyalty oath thing). He is very polarizing though, so he knows the whole politics game very well.

    My vote on Purim costume? Lady Gaga b’Tzniut. For CK.