The night after the debacle at UC Irvine where 11 students, some of whom are members of the UCI Muslim Students Union, including its president and vice-president, disrupted Ambassador Michael Oren’s speech and prevented a question and answer period from taking place, UC San Diego hosted Oren. At this event, there were no disruptions. It is obvious from watching this video that UCI’s MSU students really undermined themselves and others on their campus. Instead of hearing and learning, instead of challenging and demanding, they acted like uncouth brutes and prevented others from enjoying the give and take that UCSD’s students enjoyed.

For those watching the video, the first part with Oren’s speech is a little fluffy. The real meat of this event is the question period where Oren is asked about ethnic cleansing and genocide over and over. The pro-Palestinians have swallowed their own poison whole so that their entire range of definition of the Arab-Israeli conflict is based on hyperbole and nothing more than extreme exaggeration.

Kudos to UCSD. Michael Drake, Chancellor of UCI, has much to learn from that campus.

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  • Somebody actually gave this post a rating of one star? One?

    Who would do that other than someone like Michael Drake’s assistant or one of the UCI MSU thugs who disrupted Oren at UC Irvine?

  • His characterization of Israel’s founding as “positive discrimination” was interesting. I would be curious to hear the reaction from a UC campus had he gone one step further and characterized it as a global form of affirmative action, which you can argue it was.

  • Well, he and I disagree on that point, although it may be that many members of the international community thought along those lines at the time.