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Yesterday was Yom Yerushalayim, a day celebrating the reunification of Jerusalem. With so much attention focused on Israel’s capital, I was afraid Israel’s second largest city would feel left out, so we decided to write about fashion in Tel Aviv! The Jerusalem/Tel Aviv rivalry is well known, but one area where Tel Aviv totally dominates is in fashion. And I’m not talking about the GAP, H&M, Castro and Fox. I’m talking exciting innovators and world class design. Israel isn’t just about electric cars and microprocessors, and Tel Aviv is thick with cool – but you have to know the hot spots otherwise it’s all Diesel ripoffs and gaudiness, so… let’s go!

North Dizengoff
The north of Israel’s most central street is the one most internationals think of when they visit the sprawling city. But what was once the “It” street of the 50s to the 80s faded into the background as wedding shops took over. Not anymore! North Dizengoff is back as a must-have for shopping as the more mainstream designers mingle with bohemian young designers like Shani Bar and Yosef. North Dizengoff also has a few great stores that carry a bevy of Israeli designers in one place like Banker, which stocks labels like Hilla Toledano, and Story.

Everyone knows Dizengoff. Big deal. Let’s check out some other neighborhoods after the bump!

Daniela Lehavi's Store on Basel

Basel St. is the sort of trendy area where you can find newlyweds with newborns flocking side by side with elegantly styled women. The small narrow street looks like a mini Paris in the summer, complete with cafes and trendy little fashion boutiques to boot. Who will you find amongst the stylish mix? Daniella Lehavi, Hagar Satat’s jewelry shop and much more.

Masaryk Square
What was once a mere smattering of small coffee shop draped amongst a large square is now a stomping ground for young designers who have opened their boutiques to the trendy women that have taken to shopping at Masyrk square and surrounding King George and Frishman streets. European chic meets trendy deconstructed clothes in stores like Anya Flee, Anna K , Shine and more.

Ba’aley HaMalach & Shenkin
Shenkin Street was the Tel Aviv’s unchallenged “It” spot in the 90s until more mainstream shops mixed in and the street lost its glam. Now Shenkin is back on its feet with the help of its smaller parallel street – Ba’aley HaMalach, and his shops like Alma, D + A and Efika’s studio. Shenkin is a hot spot again and new Israeli designers have cropped up along the path, creating a veritable Greenwich Village for Israel.

Neve Tzedek
Neve Tzedek is known for its artistic appeal and unique beauty. Many Israeli designers are fascinated by the neighborhood’s special character. As a result, boutiques are popping up all over with prestigious wares that mainly include but aren’t limited to jewelry and accessories. Among the stores that are making their own history here you can find DN Private Collection, Mizo, and Agas & Tamar.

Gan HaHashmal
Who would have thought that a crumbling industrial area in Tel Aviv could turn into the best place to showcase your urban street chic. Gan HaHashmal became a hot spot about 4 years ago when young Israeli designers began building stores that catered to the metropolitan street fashion scene. Here you’ll find retro meets cosmopolitan styles and shops that combine a designer’s studio with his or her store in the same place. Shops like Kisim, MAL, Maya Bash and Shine will provide you the right look for Tel Aviv’s streets.

Jaffa Flea Market
Can an aged flea market really be an authentic place for true Israeli fashion? That answer comes with a resounding yes! Jaffa Flea Market is not just a place for antiques and furniture. Its vintage style resurrection has seen stores cropping up along the main market path for some time now thanks to the renovations of Jaffa. Among the vintage style designers are Sharon Brunsher, Fairy Story and Ruby Star.

This of course is just a small survey but it’s already put me into a bit of a frenzy. Now how do I convince my boss to send me on a fact finding mission to Tel Aviv? I think I need some Jewelry. Not a lot. Just a few baubles and bangles. For purely professional reasons of course.

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